Insurance Restoration


insurance-restorationAccidents are an unfortunate part of life, which is why we have insurance to help with those unexpected moments. Thankfully, that is where our expertise comes in as we have insurance specialists that assess all of the damage, determine the best route and provide you the best potential options for the next step in the process. It is more than just having an specialists visit, though. You should always expect the best service from our specialists, and here is why:

  • Everyone who works for Southern Home Builders Restoration Group are perfectionists, ensuring that all clients only get the best quality service and outcome for their insurance restoration, remodeling, and any other large scale project they need completed on their home. Because of this precise attention to detail, you don’t have to worry about any possible problems during the entire process or having to bring in different team of professionals to perform other jobs.
  • Everyone is insured and licensed by the state of Georgia under a residential general contractor permit, which means ease of mind for any concerns you might have for the work that needs to be completed on your house. You only deserve the best credentials and references, which is why we gladly provide them.
  • Our insurance specialist will be able to clearly explain everything that needs to be completed, allowing for you to receive more out of your insurance claim without running the risk of having to pay more directly out of pocket.
  • Whatever time or day, we will be there to help you. That is a guarantee with 24/7 emergency responses so you don’t have to delay on your insurance claim and can get back to life instead of having to worry about home damage and the huge prices involved.
  • We use the industry’s leading software Xactimate to professionally prepare the claim for both the insurance company and you.

water-damageTypes of Damage Covered
Our insurance restoration will cover all of your repairs, including the three major damage culprits: wind, fire, and water. This covers and includes general contracting, smoke damage, carpet cleaning, restoration, and any other repairs that might need to be done because of elemental and accidental damage. No weakness or mess will be left behind; everything will be reinforced and made like brand new with highly skilled general contractors working diligently.
hail-home1No matter what, you can be helped and there are going to be ways to get your home remodeled, restored, and back to its former glory. And it doesn’t matter if it is a lot of damage or just one part of a wall in one room, there is always help available.

Industry Experts At Your Service

Not only that, but Southern Home is also accepted and approved by most major insurance providers, making it even easier for you to successfully receive the claim you need. In fact our team of experts include employee’s who have retired from a major insurance company and understand all of the methods to get the real claim you need without any extra hassle. Rest assured that you will be able to pay less out of pocket and can rely on quality insurance and contractors to piece everything back together for you.

Even if you’re having a particularly difficult time talking with claims adjusters or inspectors, there is a way for our staff to make sure you receive the required work you need to get completed. They understand the language and all of the policies involved so you don’t have to, letting you sit back and get some of the best general contracting work provided for surprisingly inexpensive prices as well as getting award winning service.

Whenever you’re ready, give Southern Home and Restoration Group a call at 770-521-1610 or send us an email here.