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Atlanta Dream House Builders = Happy Home Owners

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Being able to successfully realize the type of home you want for you and your family is going to take time and patience, but it is certainly attainable. If you want a formal dining room with a gorgeous chandelier or vaulted foyer with a picturesque staircase then you will want to work closely with a custom home building company known for its expertise and professionalism in the industry. If you want your dream home to become a reality in the Atlanta area, don’t settle for just anyone. Only strive for the best dream house builders and here’s why. All the necessary knowledge & expertise There are home building companies in the Atlanta area that just know how to build dream homes because they understand the time, effort, attention to detail, and professionalism that is required. Such a company is Southern Home Builders, who have been building luxurious and gorgeous dream homes for two decades and have all the necessary knowledge and expertise to make it happen for you, too. Never settle for anything less when it comes to expert knowledge because it’s going to become handy when the building actually begins and you want to see your ideas realized. Every step is taken care of There are a lot of preliminary steps before a house can be built, such as talking with insurance agencies, finding highly qualified tradespeople and other work and so on. Rather than having to deal with all of that yourself, a dream house builder can ensure all of the steps are taken care of and won’t hinder the rest of the construction of your dream house. From design to putting down the foundation to initial building and finally handing over the key to you, all of it can be and will be taken care of by your builder. Expert opinions on design Sometimes we have a basic concept of what our dream house will be like, but may need help to fill in the rest to create something truly inviting and unique. Fortunately, a qualified dream house builder will have the expert opinions to provide you when you may need some guidance on your home’s construction. Should you go with the bigger master bathroom or walk-in closet? How about a sprawling kitchen for those dinner parties? If you have any questions about the design process, don’t hesitate to ask because you’re going to get detailed and well thought out answers. This is your ideal home, after all. Striving for happy homeowners It may sound a bit cheesy, but it’s true and can be said of most dream home builders–they always want to make the homeowner happy with the end result. This is why so much care and time is put into designing and preliminary planning as well as the actual construction process itself. Everything needs to be up to your standards and ultimately make you happy to have your dream home realized. You should be elated to have your home completed and ready to live in and that’s always the goal of the home building company. Doesn’t all of that sound better than just picking a home building company at random and letting them build the home you’ve wanted for so long? Rather than thinking every home building company is operated the same way, always aim high and be able to get only the most experienced and professional builders to work on your dream house. That way, you will know there will be an extreme attention to detail, making sure every step is seamless, and ensure that you’re very happy with the results. Home building...

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Top 5 Atlanta Custom Home Remodeling Trends

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Home remodeling is the best opportunity to start fresh and build up to your dream house with your current home. Thousands of homeowners each year create a custom home remodeling project alongside a professional remodeling company to bring all of their ideas into reality, but there are some that have become highly popular throughout 2013 and will probably continue to be very trendy in the next coming years. What are these top home remodeling projects that you should consider for your own home? Read on for the top five, especially when it comes to glamorous Atlanta homes and their remodeling projects. 1. Kitchen Cabinets & Countertops If your kitchen has been feeling a little drab lately, this is the perfect time to turn it up a notch and remodel the kitchen cabinets and counter-tops into something modern, chic, and trendy. Most homeowners are looking for simple fixtures and finishes when it comes to kitchen cabinets because of how easy they are to maintain and still provide great decor. Then, there are the counter-tops. Granite is still very popular but there also has been a shift toward quartz countertops because of how strong and sturdy it can be without losing its luster. 2. All New Colors When it comes to custom home remodeling, color is especially important. When installing fixtures, putting up walls, and other things part of the remodeling process, you’re going to want to find the perfect color that speaks to you and your home decor. One of the most on-trend colors for 2013 and beyond is actually a charcoal gray because of how versatile it is. Charcoal and shades of gray can be used for a modern look, to create a dramatic effect, or even as an inviting color when paired with green. Although, it could also be because of a certain best selling romance novel. In any case, gray is popping up all over the place throughout custom home remodels. 3. LED Lighting It’s continuing to illuminate many homes and will continue to be an on-going trend in 2013 and in the future. Since traditional lighting fixtures are beginning to become obsolete, it means that LED will be replacing it because of much longer it lasts, lower electricity costs, and most of these types of fixtures are environmentally friendly. And they are popping up in more than just outdoor or kitchen lighting, they are also lighting up dining rooms, bedrooms, and living rooms. Hanging chandeliers, spotlights, bathroom fixtures, and of course kitchen fixtures are all being replaced with LED lighting. 4. Generational Homes With so many Baby Boomers starting to retire as well as more and more adult-aged children staying at home while finding a job, this means the trend of multi-generational homes are starting to grow in the United States. This also means custom home remodeling trends point to homes being remodeled to fit these needs, such as including mother-in-law suits or extra additions to the house as better accommodation. Also, homes are being remodeled so older homeowners can stay in their homes longer without having to move into a retirement community. 5. Bathroom Counter-tops Regular porcelain white counter-tops are starting to dwindle and the rise of beige, gray, and marbleized counter-tops in custom home remodeling bathrooms are beginning to rise–especially now in 2013. Any home owner deserves a gorgeous master bathroom and the best way to give your bathroom a majorly updated look that is very on trend and stylish is through the counters. This is also true for the shower walls and bathtubs themselves, as it is good for everything to match one...

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3 Steps To Find The Best Southern Home Builders in Georgia

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Finding the best when it comes to a home builder Atlanta GA company means knowing the kinds of things you need to look for. Things such as certifications, national awards, their completed work and so much more should account for the custom home builder you decide to work with, especially since this is going to be the home of your dreams and needs to be built with the utmost care, perfection, and professionalism that Atlanta can provide. In fact, there are three steps that you can do right now so you know you’re only working with the best of the best. 1. Research First Building your own home is going to take a lot of initial research and planning. Then, you have to add on the research you should be doing to find the perfect fit when it comes to a custom home construction building company. When you know you have an idea of what you want your home to look like, it is time to see what is available in terms of custom home builders. The Atlanta area is booming with all sorts of custom home companies, but you should still do your own research. You will want to find a home builder Atlanta GA company that fits into certain criteria for the best and most professional results. For example, here are three to always consider: Experience. Would you rather work with a highly experienced custom home building company or one that hasn’t had much experience in building custom homes for clients in the Atlanta area? When it comes to your dream home, side with the experienced Atlanta home builder, such as a company that has been in the business for well over 25 years. This is because a company with experience in the area, such as Southern Home Builders Company, is going to have a positive reputation with the community as well as happy clients throughout the city. A tradition of home building. If it happens to be a family-owned business that upholds tradition, then you’re in even better shape. Home building among a family-owned business will mean happier workers and better work. The Amico family helped make Southern Home Builders into an a in the Atlanta area and still continues to uphold that tradition, as an example of tradition over simply working with the first custom home building company you find. Great value. Don’t overspend on the overall project, especially when there are so many great values out there that don’t sacrifice on quality. You can find a company that offers reasonable prices and will still have a high attention to detail down to the last little part of your home. There are deals that can be struck because of a company’s clout in the area and being able to pass on savings to their clients. A home builder Atlanta GA team is going to be able to meet all of these criteria and more, all it takes is doing that initial research and finding the one that you think will be the right fit for your home project. Once you do have a home builder in mind, it’s time to reach out and get a little more insight on their work. 2. Check Their Work Practically any custom home building company is going to have a website, especially when it comes to a custom home builder Atlanta GA business. While you’re researching for a custom home building company in the area, always check their work on their website. Any company is going to be proud of their finished work and will want to show it...

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How To Find A Luxury Home Builder In The Greater Atlanta Area

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Your custom built house is one of the most critical investments you’ll ever make, not just monetarily, but personally. Wouldn’t you like to live in a luxury home that you helped design?  And if you worked closely with professional greater Atlanta home builders every step of the way, your custom built home would really be your own, with your own personal aesthetic style and flair. Finding a luxury home builder in the greater Atlanta area isn’t hard – but finding the right one who will communicate with you just the way you want can be tricky. The right custom home builder can talk with you about design ideas as well as finances and other items you need to know to get started.  If you’re interested in building your luxury home in the greater Atlanta area, here are some tips to help you get started. Create a list of greater Atlanta home builders in your area Talk to a nearby resident in the neighborhood of a home you like and ask them who they used. Referrals from people with homes you admire, as well as friends and relatives are a great place to start finding just the right greater Atlanta home builder for your needs and desires. Check out the home builders’ association in the greater Atlanta area for a list of home builders who are experienced at building luxury homes in your area. Check out local material warehouses that sell wood, brick, and other items that professional construction contractors and builders use. Many of these warehouses collect lists of home builders in the greater Atlanta area that can help you find someone qualified to do the job you need. The real estate section of your local newspapers and magazines can give you not only an idea of what kind of homes you like but also what greater Atlanta home builder is active in your area. Home building and design articles are a great way to amass a list of custom home building contractors who are currently working on homes that you admire. Real estate agents in the greater Atlanta area can also be a great resource. Have they dealt with builders directly or do they know of customers who have dealt with particular home builders on a house that you see for sale? Another fun way to check out both homes you like and find references for builders is to take a Saturday drive through neighborhoods you like. You might find someone washing their car or clipping their hedge. You can introduce yourself and tell them you are considering having a home built on some property nearby. People like to talk about their homes. Ask them if they’re happy with their home, or if they’ve had any major issues. Before long, you’ll be in deep conversation about detailed aspects of a home you admire right from the owner! You’ll find that homeowners are more than willing to give you information of builders they worked with. Make sure you have a notebook and pen handy to write down information. Now it’s time to do the research Now you’ve collected a list of greater Atlanta home builders, it’s time to do some footwork to make narrow down your choices. The first step is to check out the homes they’ve worked on and see if they’re up to your standards and tastes. You don’t want to waste time checking references before knowing just what quality of workmanship the home builder can offer. A good home builder will provide you with a list of homes with their addresses and even the names of...

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6 Essential Tips On Finding New Home Construction In Atlanta

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Atlanta is currently booming with new home construction, allowing for families to pick and choose the home of their dreams easily with the help of new home building companies. However, if you and your family are looking to complete a new home project then you need to know the essentials of finding the right kind of new home builders. That way, you don’t have to pay too much and get a mediocre job out of the deal. In fact, there are six major points that anyone interested in new home construction need to know about before starting their new home of their dreams. You can find all six essentials down below. 1. Licensed Builders Because of this boom in building, new home construction Atlanta builders are in great demand. But before you decide on the home building company that seems like a great deal compared to the rest of the competition, you must first find out if everyone working for the company are properly licensed. If they aren’t licensed, then you’re going to have the high risk of sub-par building that could mean thousands of dollars in fines and repairs later on. For something like your brand new home, you want to go with the best in terms of building, customer satisfaction, and professionalism. New home construction Atlanta companies can be found all over the place, but you need to be able to find the best of the best when it comes to new home construction–don’t settle for anything less. 2. A To Z Planning You want to make sure that your new home builders are there from the beginning and all the way to the end. Otherwise, you might have an incomplete project that will take longer to finish. There are builders out there who will simply estimate out the costs and do the project with very little communication between you and them. Rather than being in the dark when it comes to your brand new home, you should have open communication with your builder as well as transparency when it comes to all the planning. Your builder should be there when it comes to the ideal site location, blue prints, estimated cost, building, and even when it comes to interior services. 3. Strong Portfolio of New Homes Practically any new home construction Atlanta building company is going to have a website, and with that, their online portfolio of finished homes. When you start researching for the right builder, always look out for the builders’ finished projects and see the type of detail and expertise they can bring to the table. If the selection doesn’t initially wow you then don’t be afraid to look elsewhere. Keep in mind that there are some gorgeous homes out there built by new home builders which can be easily found online. 4. Awards For Excellence On top of a strong portfolio that goes above and beyond when it comes to new home construction Atlanta, you should also check out if the building company you’re interested in has won any awards. While this doesn’t have to be the ultimate deal breaker, it can certainly be a litmus test of which builders are putting all of their efforts into building quality housing compared to others. Builders are going to be rewarded for their excellence and of course they will want to show those awards off on their website. So, while you’re checking out different galleries of finished houses, make sure you also check to see if the building companies have won any awards. 5. Knowledgeable Builders This might be obvious when it comes to...

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Choosing The Right Home Builder For Your Dream Home

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A home is so much more than a foundation, walls and roof, and when you are thinking about building your dream home, everything should be just as you dreamed. Finding a custom home builder for your needs can be an extremely difficult challenge, but when you do find the right custom home builder, you know that all of your expectations will be met or exceeded. A great builder should be experienced, quality focused, budget aware, attentive to your needs and desires, communicative as to their plans and ideas for your house, and have a personality that works with you. These things make working with your builder or contractor that much easier since you know that they are listening to you and taking your thoughts into consideration and that they will strive to make your vision, your home. Experience has a lot to do with finding a great custom home builder because a good builder is not good enough when it comes to your dreams and vision. You want to build a house that is warm, inviting, and beautiful, where every room makes you want to spend the rest of your life there. Maybe you need a chef’s kitchen, or a luxury spa in your master suite where you can unwind after a long day at work. Maybe you work from home and need a secluded spot where you can work without interruption, or a home gym to take out the stresses of the day. Whatever your needs are, you  require a builder who listens to these needs and has the ability to turns them from ideas into a beautiful and cohesive home. Finding someone who has been in the building business for a minimum of 5 years and that has an extensive portfolio of completed homes to your liking will help ensure a positive experience and outcome. The first step to building your home is figuring out your budget for building. Without a budget, you run the risk of spending more than you have, and when it comes to a dream home, dreams can become expensive! It might sound limiting, but figuring out a strict budget will not only help you stay within your means, but also help you find the perfect builder who is not going to try to push you beyond what you can afford. Now that your allowances are figured out, you can sit down with your custom home builder and go over what exactly will fit into your budget. An excellent, dedicated builder will do everything that they can to make all of your ideas fit into your budget. One thing that takes a lot of frustration to figure out for some people is that of trusting your builder. No matter what your budget is, the likelihood of all of your dreams fitting into your house are probably unlikely. This is where an experienced builder will be able to help prioritize and fit as many of your  ideas into a cohesive house that flows from room to room and is perfect for your needs. Letting someone else handle your dreams and ideas is a huge step in trust, but one thing you can constantly remind yourself when you are working with a custom home builders is that they are professionals and they rely on doing a job that exceeds your expectations to continue doing what they love. Quality and award winning value go a long way in selecting a dream house builder, take the time to research and find the best one. After you have worked with your potential custom home builders to figure out what fits in...

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