The Not-So-Obvious Benefits Of Complete Home Construction

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There are many reasons for developing your own complete home construction plan. Custom built homes are all about your own personal flair, tastes complete home constructionand aesthetics. You can choose and help design everything from the floor plan and the colors to the appliances and materials used for all aspects in the building process.

It’s a good feeling to move into your own fully finished custom built home and knowing you are the first person to not just live there, but also to have helped design it from top to bottom.

There are many benefits to finding your own custom made complete home construction plan. Think of it this way – do you want to live in a good home or a great one? One that reflects who you are as a unique person as well as reflecting the environment around it? A truly unique and great home is one that nobody else developed or built.

And it’s all about the details.

As you participate in the complete home construction process, you can choose everything from the size and height of the doorways to the depth of your kitchen countertops.

How do you start? By checking out the floor plans of custom built homes you admire and tweaking them toward what you like. You can adjust any plan to emulate your vision and manifest the house of your dreams. You can select the type of building process as well as special materials used in the complete home construction. You can work in your own standard of energy efficiency from solar panels to extra insulation and ductless heating.

What are your personal priorities? That’s the question to ask yourself.

Construction crews love to work on custom home designs and layouts. It’s more interesting and unique, thus they’re more engaged and willing to go the extra mile to make sure construction is done correctly. Particular custom home projects cause contractors and their crew to pay close attention to detail, which results in higher quality work, both in the foundation as well as the aesthetics of your home.

A good custom home contractor also understands that once people have moved into their custom built home, the job may not be finished yet. Many times new custom built houses need special adjustments to make sure that things are working correctly, especially if the design is very unique or artistic. Look for complete home construction contractors who offer long-term customer home services so that they’ll be around to fix any issues you experience upon moving into your new home.

With a custom built home, you are the one who chooses specific materials to fit your tastes, budge and lifestyle, from hardwood floors to stone bathroom tiles and custom made kitchen countertops.

And no more living in a cookie cutter suburb. Sure you can easily buy land in a beautiful gated community if that’s what you want and have your house built there – or on beachside property, or in the mountains or on a lake. Wherever and whatever you want to build is what custom homes are about. With custom homes you also can utilize the environment and have the home and the land it’s on develop together.

Complete home construction takes time. But it’s time well spent. Building a custom home will take longer than purchasing an already built new home.dream house builders But that’s par for the course. You’re going to be participating in every aspect of building the house of your dreams. Might as well take your time to make sure it’s done right and to your specifications as well as your expectations.

Why? Because your custom built home is a reflection of you.

It’s like your castle. You don’t want it to look like your neighbor’s home. And since your neighbor has different dreams and expectations, they’re going to want something quite different. This is your special home with features that meet your needs, whether it’s a special extra large kitchen so that you can cook to your hearts content for you and your guests to a bathroom with a tub at the very center and mood lighting. It’s all up to you.

And one of the most important aspects of custom built homes and complete home construction is that you get to choose who you want to work with. You choose the builder and that can make all the difference. And your builder will work with you on including every luxury amenity you desire, from that Jacuzzi in the back yard to French doors that lead into a wine cellar that includes a special seating and wine tasting area.

Contractors love to work with people who are looking to go all out. That’s what custom built homes are about. Enjoying living. Call your home contractor and plan your complete home construction today.

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Complete Guide For Home Water and Flood Damage

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Did you know that water and flood damage affects not just your property, but also sets up just the right environment for mold and mildew? Growing mildew and mold is damaging to both the howater restorationuse and the humans living in it as they create tiny spores that can damage the immune systems, lungs and overall health of human beings.

Water flood damage to a home can cause a huge loss of money and time. Be it from a hurricane or a broken water pipe, a flood from heavy rains, or sewer backup, water damage can be a major hassle.

Some people attempt to take care of the restoration process on their own and find that they’ve created more problems and heartache. The restoration process for water flood damage requires all sorts of tools and skills to dry out walls, carpet, flooring and furniture as well as a sump pump to remove the water, which costs hundreds of dollars alone.

That’s why it’s so important to include professional drying and ventilating in your home after water and flood damage.

Professional restoration is needed and almost always covered with water and flood insurance after damage has occurred. A specialized water flood damage consultant can assess your situation and give you an honest estimate of what can be restored to its original condition and what needs to be tossed or replaced.

Drying water and flood damaged areas in your home includes several specific and highly skilled processes including:

Extracting and drying process

Water needs to be removed with a sump pump or professional machinery that effectively takes all the water out and discards it in a safe area.

Moisture mapping process

This is a specialized process that dehumidifies and dries the house to keep out that pesky mold and mildew.

Restoring and rebuilding your home

This is also included in your insurance and depending on the damage, can either be done by a building contractor or the water flood damage restoration company

Water flood damage insurance is key to finding relief after that storm hits. If you find that your home has been damaged in a flood, the first step to take right away is to contact your insurance. Even before contacting a water  flood damage restoration contractor, it’s a good idea to call your insurance to find out exactly what they cover. A good insurance will provide representatives that will answer questions as well as help you begin the claim filing process.

flood damageThe next step is to contact your water flood damage restoration contractor who can help you determine just exactly what needs to be restored as well as help you with your insurance claim filing process. Contractors referred to by friends as well as your insurance company can be a great place to start in finding the best water flood damage restoration contractor out there. If you do the research beforehand, when you purchase your water flood insurance, and keep a list of good contractors on hand in a special place, you won’t have to think about it when the time comes to make that call.

A good contractor can help you determine just exactly what is covered, what your deductible is, and from there arrange for payment options after insurance coverage.

Keep in mind that there are different categories of water and flood damage that can occur, including:

  • Fresh water category one damage – this is damage made from a broken water line or from torrential rains and is the least damaging to your home.
  • Gray water category two damage – this can occur from flooded gutters that create back up and seepage through floors and under doors. Gray water category two flood damage can also come from appliances such as washing machines backing up, which means something else is amiss with your drainage system.  Gray water damage can hold more microorganisms and bacteria than fresh water damage as it usually sits around for longer periods of time.
  • Raw sewage and major flood category three damage  – this is the worst for creating disease causing bacteria and microbes. When a house is abandoned from a major flood, raw sewage can back up and be left sitting for days. In this case, anything in contact with category three water needs to be removed and replaced, including drywall, carpeting, flooring, furniture and clothes.

This is why water flood damage insurance is so important. All these items need to be inventoried by both the homeowner and insurance.

A professional who knows about water flood damage restoration will help make certain that all contaminated areas are treated correctly and completely. He’ll walk you through the restoration process and take pictures as well as provide anything else you need so that you can file a complete and accurate claim to your insurance.

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What To Look For When Choosing A Alpharetta Restoration Company

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Choosing the best restoration company in the area is not always easy. It requires patience and the ability to complete your research on all Alpharetta Restoration Companyrelated aspects of the task at hand. What should a client look for before signing an agreement with a local restoration company? There are so many details to ponder over and many clients can get lost in the confusion. This piece will help pinpoint tips you can focus on as a prospective client as the research phase is completed. The finest restoration companies are always professional, timely, and proven. Let’s take a look at where you can find a restoration company with such qualities.

Insured and Licensed

Restoration companies are required to be insured and licensed at all times. The service cannot be provided without these documentations being updated and available to all parties. Clients have the right to ask for these documents at any point. If the restoration company is not able to provide the related documents, the contract could be void, and the company can be shut down.

Clients should always be looking for restoration companies with these documents in hand. Alpharetta restoration companies should be able to deliver these documents at any time.  You do not want to be a in a situation where all of the liability with an accident is on you.  This can happen when the restoration company is not fully insured and licensed.


Experienced Alpharetta restoration companies will be able to provide clients with quality referrals from previous completed jobs. This is essential as you want to make sure the company is able to complete a thorough, professionally sound job. Referrals help in finding all the pros and cons associated with the company without any marketing getting in the way.

Word of mouth is one of the best ways for a restoration company to get going. This is why referrals are a proven method and can help pinpoint the finest companies in the area. Clients should not be settling for lousy services and this will lead to poor solutions. Restoration projects are costly and should be done perfectly and you should be sure before signing off on anything.

24/7 Service

The availability of an Alpharetta restoration company is a point to focus upon. Does the company have 24/7 service in case something goes wrong? Can the client reach them within minutes and have them take care of the ongoing situation in a timely fashion? The best services are able to provide this for their clients.

Insurance claims are a part of the process and having major delays along the way can be frustrating. Most people want to get back on track and starting living a normal life again. Having the home getatlanta restoration company depleted and require immediate restoration can be a frustrating experience. The restoration company should be able to make it easier on the home owner.  With a 24/7 service, the chances of getting the restoration project off and running effective immediately becomes greater.

Comprehensive Range of Services

Alpharetta restoration companies known for their quality will always be able to provide a comprehensive range of services. Any sort of damage can be taken care of as long as it fits within the elemental and accidental categories.  The company is able to pinpoint the damage and get the house back on its feet after the damage has occurred.

Home owners want their home to look like it did prior to the damage having occurred. Quality restoration services are able to deliver on this requirement.

What kind of damage should a quality restoration company be readily able to provide for its clients? The services can range from smoke damage, general contraction, or carpet cleaning. All of these services should be guaranteed by the restoration company beforehand.

Experienced contractors are able to take care of all associated damaged in a timely and orderly fashion. This is an essential factor to think about prior to hiring a restoration company. The range of services is important along with the team’s ability to bring the house back to its original state. Home owners do not want to see their house falling apart, despite having it restored by the company.

Concluding Questions

Let’s ponder over some of the details related to hiring a quality restoration company.

·         What kind of systems do restoration companies have in place to take care of insurance claims for clients?

·         What do you expect from a quality restoration company?

·         What details are often overlooked when conversing with a restoration company

Greater Atlanta Homebuilders Offer Maintenance Tips

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All houses need a bit of upkeep and maintenance in order to stay energy efficient, well-built, organized, and generally to keep their market value high. That means normallyGreater-Atlanta-Homebuilders updating exterior things such as the roof, siding, window treatments, gutters, and then there are the interior projects to keep track of for a well maintained home. This also means as a homeowner, you need to know which maintenance projects are going to be worth more compared to others and which ones your maintenance crew should be focusing on with the best attention to detail. And when it comes to Atlanta homeowners and their house maintenance, there are some particular tips to take note of.

Want to know the tips that professional greater Atlanta homebuilders suggest for the best possible maintenance of your home? Check out the top six below.

1. Exterior Siding Is Quick & Simple
One of the first things that is going to start to show the most wear and tear is going to be your house’s siding, but fortunately all of it can be easily replaced or updated by a professional home building company. Not only that, but regular maintenance of the siding can help maintain the value of your home as well as keeping up with the general aesthetic of the home. Weather is normally the biggest culprit for maintenance of home siding but it can be easily combated.

2. Check Up With Heating & Air
It’s important for any homeowner out there to have properly working heating and air, especially air conditioning during Georgia’s infamous summers. Greater Atlanta homebuilders recommend maintenance for heating and air that ensures the ducts and filters are clean as well as the unit that cools and heats the house is up to the latest standards. One of the biggest reasons air conditioning might not work during those hot summer days is because the unit is old and the parts aren’t working like they used to.

3. Proper Lighting
Notice your lights aren’t as vibrant as they used to be? This could be because the light bulbs installed into your lighting fixtures are not LED and are starting to lose their luster. Another thing to look out for is making your carbon footprint smaller as well as lowering electricity bills by switching to LED. Not only do they light up more of your home and can be used for many years without fail, they are also perfect to create the best ambiance in your home when entertaining guests.

4. Get Window Treatments
Another recommendation and tip from greater Atlanta homebuilders is all about the caulking, trim, and treatments of your home’s windows. Again, because of the weather, the trimming and caulking of windows can wear down and that means heat and air leaking out of your home and bugs getting in. Professionals can maintain your home’s windows to make sure you don’t have to worry about any of that, though.

5. Renovations & Remodeling
Sometimes a more extensive project can mean a world’s difference in maintenance and the value of your home, which is why so many homeowners choose to renovate or remodel. If your kitchen is feeling outdated or you wish to have a little bit more space, greater Atlanta homebuilders can offer the right skills, expertise, and input on the types of designs that would be perfect for your home while maximizing the overall return on investment as well. It is best to use home builders who offer both home building and remodeling, such as Southern Home Builders, as they are going to have thorough knowledge to help you.

6. “Future Proofing” Your Home
Finally, you can never be too safe when it comes to your home. The term “future proofing” usually applies to businesses, but it can also be applied to your family and their house. Unexpected incidents such as a house fire or storm damage can’t always be stopped but the extent of their destruction can be deterred with proper preparation and maintenance. This includes updated smoke alarms and stronger infrastructure against stronger weather and storms, among many other things that can potentially be implemented. Be prepared for just about anything and talk to a home builder about the options you have for proper future proofing.

Scheduled maintenance means a much better off home and with greater Atlanta homebuilders with expert knowledge to help you with all of your maintenance projects, being able to have a house in the best shape ever is very easy. This also means that your regular maintenance will be cut down because professionals are handling everything, allowing for you to enjoy your home even more. Use these tips to keep everything up to date and not have to worry about any surprise and hefty maintenance bills in the future.


How To Find A Licensed Georgia Restoration Contractor

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If your house has sustained damage due to a natural disaster like flooding or a storm, or due to an accident, like fire, you will need a restoration contractor to restore your atlanta home restorationdamaged home to its former glory. It can be stressful and to get your home ready, you may hire just about any contractor as there are many restoration contractors to choose from in Georgia. However, this should not be the way forward if you want quality work and a complete restoration of your property.

In Georgia, it is important to know that it is mandatory that all restoration contractors and companies are licensed as well as insured. But the key is finding a qualified and experienced restoration contractor, who can work according to your requirements and within your budget to help restore your home.

If you are looking for restoration in Georgia, it is important that you first determine the type of service you need. This will help you find the right licensed restoration contractor for your needs and get the kind of quality you are seeking.

Finding a Licensed Restoration Contractor in Georgia

First, compile a list of the work as well as the quality you need. Once you have this list, contact your insurance agent for a referral or check out the Internet to get a list of companies that do restoration in Georgia focusing on experience, quality and service. Typically, most contractors have a fixed price when it comes to restoring fire and water damage and this price covers specific services. Anything additional can be negotiated.georgia restoration contractor

It is imperative that you select a licensed restoration contractor. For this, you should verify the contractor’s license status, though mandatory they are not always current and in good standing. You can contact the licensing authority and find out the license status of the contractor and also to check more details about the contractor, be it a company or individual.

Whether the restoration is big or small, you should only hire a contractor who has adequate liability insurance. This will not only protect you, but also the contractor should work-related injuries occur during the restoration.

Most homeowners who are looking for restoration contractors want one who can carry out insurance restoration, as this restoration often is covered by the homeowner’s insurance policy. So make sure that you find a contractor who is willing to charge a fair price for the work and do quality work and still be willing to work with you to help you with your insurance claim, so that you do not have to worry about any out-of-pocket expenses. Restoration contractors who have had substantial experience working with insurance companies are your best bet as they will not only get the work done to your satisfaction, they will be able to assist you with the claim and make the whole process go quickly and smoothly.

When looking for a licensed Georgia restoration contractor, you need to realize that not every contractor has the same ability. Quality, skills and experience vary from contractor to contractor and that is why you should try to make an effort to find a contractor who is best suited for the type of restoration you are looking for.

You can find a contractor by:restoration contractor

  • Contact your insurance agent or search the internet for licensed restoration contractors in Georgia that supply references to get reputable referrals on restoration contractors
  • Contact the referrals and check their license status
  • Set up an appointment and have a face-to-face meeting with them
  • Get referrals from the contractors and follow up on them to find out about the quality of work
  • Ask the contractor about assurance of quality and warranty on the work they perform on your property“`
  • Check out the contractor’s work portfolio, if any
  • Agree on the terms and conditions and get a signed a written agreement or contract
  • Make sure the contract contains a clause for cleaning up the mess after the restoration is finished and about worker conduct

Types of Restoration Services

When you are looking for restoration in Georgia, you should look for a contractor who has the experience and ability to handle several jobs, problems and activities. The restoration contractor should be able to handle damaged caused by wind, fire and water. This is especially true if damage has occurred due to fire, as firefighters will use water to put out the flames. Hence, it is imperative the contractor have the ability, skill and experience to handle smoke damage, general contracting, carpet cleaning and other accidental or elemental damage.

Finding a licensed restoration contractor in Georgia is not that difficult if you know where to look and you are aware what is needed. Always ensure that you check the license status of the contractor as well as insurance. If a contractor is hesitant to show you insurance or license, you would be better off looking for a new contractor who can offer you prompt and efficient service and quality repair. restoration in Georgia.

Live in Your Ideal Home With the Help of Greater Atlanta Homebuilders

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Atlanta is full of so many inspiring homes with gorgeous and luxurious designs that make anyone want to build their own ideal home. If you’re one of those people who  Greater Atlanta Homebuilders has an idea and dream of your ultimate house, then your first step is going to be finding a home building company that can help you create it so you can enjoy your house for many years to come. However, not all building companies are going to be the same or have the same expertise to create your ideal home. What does it take to be the best builder in Atlanta? Check out how you can realize your dream home with the right greater Atlanta home-builders.

Years of Designing Experience
Some home-building companies are going to simply build a “cookie cutter” house that follows a certain set of templates to fit in with the rest of the houses nearby or in a huge neighborhood. While sometimes these homes can be well built, you want something unique and different. For that kind of building, you want to find a company that understands that their clients want to set the standards of home living rather than upholding current ones. They want a house that reflects their personality and thankfully there are greater Atlanta home-builders that can do exactly that.

With many years of home building experience right in the Atlanta area for clients who want to go against the grain, Southern Home Builders is a premiere choice and company. Their clientele include people with ideal homes they want to really live in and feel like it’s their very own home, rather than a per-fabrication from a template. Because of this, the builders will also have the knowledge to build a customized home without any hassles or complications.

Understanding Your Needs

It is more than just building a home and calling it a day, a home building company must also understand your individual needs. Focustom home contractorsr example, maybe you need a children’s play room. The company can ensure that the room is child safe while also fitting into the overall aesthetic that you have envisioned for your home. And they can do that for many other ideas or concepts for your needs, understanding that not every family is made the same way. The home building company will work with you every step of the way, making sure that you’re happy with the results and final design of your ideal home. If there are any changes you’d like, the greater Atlanta home-builders will happily help you.

Working With All Contractors
One of the biggest obstacles when it comes to building a customized home is being able to hire all of the necessary contractors as well as talking with a home insurance agency. Doing the work yourself could mean a huge, frustrating mess that can take weeks or even months to successfully complete. Instead of having to do it all on your own and worrying about any prolonged delays in the building of your ideal home, a company like Southern Home Builders can take care of everything for you. From hiring the right contractors for the electrical, woodwork, installation of fixtures, and everyone else all the way to talking with insurance companies, the home building company have the connections to make it work.

Not only that, but they also have great connections to most major insurance companies so you can have the best value on your ideal home. You don’t have to spend hours on the phone with the insurance agency or try to get an answer from them that could take weeks to get, all of it will be taken care of for you and you might even spend less money because of working with greater Atlanta home-builders.

Future Remodeling & Renovations
atlanta home builders
Once your home is completed and you’re moved in and can finally call a place your very own in the future, you’ve decided that you’d like to add on or remodel your home. This is a common occurrence and some of the most common renovations include the kitchen, dining room, and bathroom while remodeling can include adding on an extra room. If you’d like to add on to your ideal home or make it even better, you don’t have to go through a completely different company to do that for you. In fact, the same company who built your home, like Southern Home Builders, can do all of the remodeling and renovations for you.

They will know what kinds of preferences you have already as well as how much detail was included into the initial design of your home. But it doesn’t even have to be purposeful remodeling that they can help with, Southern Home Builders will also help their clients with storm or fire damage. Overall, your ideal home can be a reality with the right kind of greater Atlanta home-builders helping you.

Custom Home Remodeling Hints and Tips

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Home remodeling is the best way to achieve the ideal home of your dreams with your current house, allowing for you to experiment with new designs, decor, and custom remodel  everything else that can really reflect your personality and preferences. This is also an opportune time to finally get that terrace level finished, completely remodel the kitchen, or even bring up the overall value of your home whether you’re looking to sell or not. However, there are some tips and hints that anyone should read before they decide to hire a team to do their custom home remodeling. Some of the best happen to be down below.

Hiring The Right Professionals
The biggest part is going to be finding the right kind of contractors for the type of remodeling project you have in mind. During your search, there is going to be a lot of information out there and all sorts of contractors to choose from. But, in order to pick the best, they should always have this criteria before they even begin the remodeling process:

  • Very knowledgeable about all of the building codes and requirements in the area. For Atlanta, that means specific codes for your house so it is up to regulation and you don’t pay huge fees and be forced to restart your remodeling from scratch. Some of the best that have a large knowledge base and many years of expertise from all of their contractors happens to be Southern Homes & Restoration Group. They have built many custom homes in the Atlanta area and have over 15 years of experience.
  • On top of expertise, you want someone who can help you plan ahead. Knowing exactly what you want in your custom home remodeling is going to be quite beneficial because it can help cut down on time and material costs, allowing for you to enjoy the final product even faster. Your remodeling contractor can help you figure out what is possible and what exactly can be achieved with an exact timeline and budgeting.
  • It is best to work with your contractors and break up the project into smaller stages. That way, aspects of a remodeling project that might require more work can be given the extra attention it needs while also completing the entire project in a timely manner.custom home remodeling

Get More Space From Your Home
Adding on to the square footage of your home can seem like a daunting task. However, there are easier solutions through different tricks that can be done during your custom home remodeling project. One of the most common ways is to transform storage spaces into more wall space, such as a walk-in closet in a bedroom or extra linen closet turned extra square footage in a bathroom.

Of course, another common way to achieve more space is through different types of design illusions. For example, your contractor can install vaulted ceilings which will immediately give off the illusion of more space and a bigger house.  Eliminating interior walls can also be a great way to create a sense of openness and traffic flow. Both of these can be used in order to get more space out of your home and all of it can be easily done with a company like Southern Homes & Restoration Group doing the work for you.

Best Kitchen Remodeling Tips
One of the most common rooms to remodel is the kitchen, normally to update fixtures, appliances, cabinets and put in new tile or a backsplash. If you’re looking to do a complete overhaul of your kitchen, there are some tips that will make the entire project go a lot smoother and won’t be as time extensive if you’re on a tight deadline. Some things to consider for the best in kitchen remodeling is:

  • If at all possible, try to keep the appliances, wiring and plumbing in your kitchen in the same place and work around it. Tcustom home remodelershat way, your custom home remodeling won’t take twice as long because your contractors won’t have to rip all of the appliances and fixtures out and move them and rewire everything again.
  • Choose your selections carefully, making sure you look at all options before having it installed. This is normally a labor intensive part of the project and having to replace the tile all over again will be very costly and take up even more time.
  • Don’t worry too much about the fixtures on cabinets and such, as these can be easily replaced. What needs to have more of your focus is going to be any replacements for the cabinets and their material and color. The same goes for counter-tops and the type of theme you want for your kitchen.

Being able to call your house a home can be easily achieved with the right kind of remodeling contractors by your side, helping with every step all the way until completion. Thankfully, some of the best in the Atlanta area is Southern Homes & Restoration Group. They will ensure everything is perfect and up to your standards for a beautiful home.

Atlanta Safety And Fire Restoration

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One of the most devastating moments for a homeowner is a fire, especially when most of the house is severely damaged and needs to be rebuilt fire restoration atlantaimmediately. This can be a very stressful, frustrating, and emotional time for anyone involved and means having to do repairs or an entire rebuild of your home. This is even true for local homeowners in the Atlanta area. However, there are ways any homeowner, even in Atlanta, can pick themselves up right after a tragic accident such as this and that is through Atlanta fire restoration with an experienced and highly professional home building and restoration company.

After the intense stress of an accident such as a house fire, trying to find the right kind of builder might feel like it should be the last thing you’re thinking about. But, the best thing to do in this sort of situation is to start rebuilding both your life and your home. Though this does mean dealing with insurance companies, it also means a faster recovery and a new home to call yours once again. Even if the home is only partially damaged, your family still needs to make plans for immediate restorations. Why is there such a emphasis on rebuilding after a home fire? Here are some reasons outlined below.

Quicker Claims For Insurance
You want to make sure the accident is filed as quickly as possible to make sure that the rebuilding and restoration process goes a lot smoother for your family. The last thing you want to deal with is a slow or unresponsive insurance company after waiting to tell them about the damages to your home. Instead, getting it processed as soon as possible is the best choice for Atlanta fire restoration services to begin building your home anew.atlanta fire restoration

An Opportunity To Remodel
There are many reasons why a fire can start in a home, unfortunately. Some of the most common is usually older electrical wiring or building techniques that become fire hazards in the future. When the fire happens and the home is damaged, this is an opportunity to update to newer building specifications as well as having the opportunity to remodel your home. An Atlanta building company that specializes in remodeling after such accidents can certainly help with this to ensure you can realize your vision.

Safer Standards Installed
Once the remodeling process can start, there is going to be an emphasis on installing safer standards such as brand new fire alarms, smoke detectors, and other such installations so your home is safer against fires. Atlanta fire restoration is more than just getting something fixed, it is creating a new safety net for your family so they can get back to their lives and not have to worry about another accident.

On top of all these benefits with fire restoration and remodeling, there is also the added benefit of working with an Atlanta company that has several decades of experience in helping families return to a normal life and not have to worry about the stress of a house fire. Using only the finest building materials and being able to work with most major insurance companies, Southern Home Builders are known for their attention to detail when it comes to Atlanta fire restoration.

Why is it important to work with only the best in the industry? Here are some reasons to consider for your home restoration needs:

  • You’re going to be working with highly experienced and very talented professionals who understand the ifire restoration damagemportance of rebuilding and restoring a home after a fire. They understand that clients are going to be stressed out and don’t need to constantly worry about the restoration project. This means you can leave all of the work to the professionals while your family can gradually return to a normal life.
  • They are going to work side by side with insurance companies for the best possible deals and values for their clients. In fact, the Atlanta fire restoration professionals can do most of the talking when it comes to contacting insurance agents.
  • Every detail is meticulous, ensuring that your restoration is highly personalized and caters to your family’s needs. This isn’t going to be some shoddy job that is done in a matter of days, everything is going to be carefully replaced and made brand new.

A house fire is a traumatizing moment, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have the ability to rebuild and move past it all afterward. In fact, you will be able to rebuild with the right kind of Atlanta fire restoration professionals helping every step of the way to make the process much easier and faster, allowing for you to get back to your life and putting any accidents behind you.

Should You Choose a Builder’s Complete Home Construction Plan or Design Your Own?

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One of the first questions you might ask yourself as you begin to plan the design of your new home is whether or not you want to start with a builder’s complete home complete home constructionconstruction plan or design your own.

Depending on what you’re looking for as well what you can afford in time and money, you can either work with a builder who carries a specialized library of home plans you can choose from and customize from there, or work with a builder who can create a one-of-a-kind home completely unique.

Most production builders have stock home plans that you can “semi-customize” in several areas. Many buyers then select their home with certain products in flooring, counter-tops, cabinetry and appliances, as well as choosing from additional building options.

However if you want to play a part in the complete home construction design, then talk with a builder who can create something completely unique and not from stock floor plans. If you want to select most of the building details in your complete home construction plan, then go with a custom builder.

That said, many custom builders also offer floor plans to start with as a foundational point and then work from there. The main difference between production and custom builders is a true custom home builder will be able to present options and choices a production builder is not capable of providing.

So what can you expect from working with the different approaches of a production or custom home builder? Check out this blueprint of the differences between production and custom home builders below.

Production home builders:

  • Offer a select range of floor plans and designs
  • Offer a menu of design and styles in a variety of product categories
  • Sell both home and land as a packaged deal
  • Can build homes for a variety of different incomes and experiences, from first-time to luxury buyers.
  • Can offer close to the same size home for less cost than a custom built home.custom home builders

One major aspect of a production builder’s strategy is choosing the land. Most large production home builders offer homes and plans in large suburbs and communities. This allows for the complete home construction process to be streamlined to an extent for greater efficiency, thus reducing the overall cost of building a home.

Many production builders also save on costs by purchasing building materials in bulk at lower prices. But this doesn’t mean they skimp on quality. Most high-quality production designers offer highly engineered and solid floor plans with all components designed to work seamlessly together, from heating and cooling systems to green and footprint reducing systems.

If you’re looking to live in a luxury home in a community that offers amenities such as fitness center, hiking trails, golf, swimming pool and more, then a production builder might be what you’re looking for.

Custom Home Builders:

  • Will work from a floor plan that you supply or help design a floor plan from scratch.
  • Will build your home on land that you choose and acquire.
  • Will often work in tandem with architects within a company that manages both design and construction.
  • Will involve you more in the whole building and decision making process.
  • Will allow you to choose any product you like rather than selecting from a menu.

Say you bought a beautiful piece of land that you want to build a luxury home on. This land can either be in an established neighborhood or somewhere out in the home constructioncountry. You have developed your own set of floor plans and you want to be involved in each and every step of your complete home construction process. Then a custom builder is the right choice.

With custom homes,  while budget is still an issue, expect to pay more for a custom home of the same size and style as a production model. And keep in mind that the actual cost depends on a wide variety of reasons from the size of the home to the design intricacies and products and materials you purchase.

And you don’t have to build a large, expensive home to work with a custom home builder. Many custom home designs are simple ranch style homes designed to fit your lifestyle.

If you’re looking to work with a custom builder, then a good place to start is to collect photos of homes you like and also to ask the custom builder to show you photos of homes they’ve built in the past.

So, the difference between whether or not you choose a complete home construction plan or design your own comes down to choices in how involved you want to be in developing the floor plan, choosing your materials and products and in the building process itself.

Tips To Prepare For Water Damage In Roswell And Alpharetta

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No one likes to deal with water damage, and although it would be nice to believe that water damage only happens in areas that deal with floods, that is simply not true. Water supply lines can break, drains roswell water damagecan clog, and faucets can be left on accidentally. In fact, flooding is one of more rare cases of water damage in houses on a yearly basis. While flooding can cause some of the most widespread damage and garner most of the news attention, water damage to homes costs homeowners billions of dollars annually. Luckily there are plenty of steps that any homeowner can take to help minimize any damage that can occur when the worst happens.

One of the first and easiest steps is to have a yearly plumbing inspection. Even though this is like visiting the dentist once a year where you can still get cavities in between visits, a plumbing inspector can help spot potential problem areas and fix problems before they become a disaster. When looking to prevent water damage both Roswell and Alpharetta have excellent plumbers that can inspect your plumbing.

Since most people are not plumbers and it is impossible to be everywhere that a problem can occur, most have turned to nifty water alarm systems to alert them to a leak before it spreads and costs thousands of dollars. These systems usually lie on the floor near an appliance that handles lots of water such as a hot water heater or a washing machine. Using a nine volt battery and two contact points that sets off an alarm when the conductivity between the two points decreases due to water. There are also multiple zone alarms that require wire or other detection devices to be laid around the perimeter of a room, or in different patterns under the floors of a room. These devices are much more expensive, not only because of the construction cost, but also because the systems themselves require more technology.

water damage repairAutomatic shut off systems are another excellent preventative measure against water damage. Water damage companies and contractors in Roswell and Alpharetta can install these systems that work a little  like the alarm systems with one huge bonus, they stop the water when they sense water. These systems, unfortunately for some home owners, are not the kind of thing that can be installed by anyone other than a licensed professional, and while costly, water damaged Roswell and Alpharetta homeowners would be faced with is mostly negated. The downsides to these costly systems, besides their cost, is that they require many sensors, the sensors do not always detect the slow leaks that can still do plenty of damage, and even moisture can trigger the system to shut down. Along with those downsides, some of the sensors monitor water flow over time in such a way that using large amounts of water to do things such as water a garden or fill a swimming pool can trigger a system shut down.

Remote alarm systems might be one of the best preventative systems for water damage Roswell and Alpharetta homeowners can install. Not only are they more cost effective than automatic shut off systems or zone alarms, but many also have the ability to automatically report a leak can help save time and money when your water pipes start to leak. Again, these alarms are not 100% reliable as they may trigger their alarm if there is excessive moisture or they might not trip the alarm if there is a small leak. It is all about positioning and having a professional help is one more step that any homeowner can take.

Besides alarm systems, automatic shut off systems, and yearly inspections, there are some simple steps that any homeowner can take to prevent water damage from spreading or consuming valuables. water damage restorationElevating important water consuming appliances like the hot water heater can help save this appliance in case of flooding or heavy water damage. You can also make sure that there is ample drainage in and around any major pipes or potential water leaks; having a good drainage system can help localize the problem and keep it out of other rooms where water can get into carpets or walls. There are also barriers that can be installed, although not necessarily easily. Putting water resistant or water proof barriers around water heavy appliances can encapsulate a water leak or an appliance malfunction and help prevent costly damage to your home.

Do you know of any other inexpensive ways to prevent against water damage Roswell homeowners can use? Do you have any experience with water alarm systems or automatic shut off systems that could be valuable to other homeowners in the area? Share your thoughts, ideas, and words of wisdom with us in the comments section below. We would love to hear what you have to say.