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Atlanta Fire And Restoration: What to Expect After The Fire

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It can be a very scary and traumatic moment when you realize you have a house fire and one of the first things on anyone’s mind is going to be safety. Once everyone has been safely taken out of the  house then the rest of the worries start to settle in. There is the house itself, insurance, and so much more. Rather than trying to handle everything yourself and figuring out what to do or expect after a house fire, you can instead know exactly the steps to take so you and your family can get back to their normal lives. And if you’re living in the Atlanta area, these steps are going to be especially useful for you. Assess The Damage One of the biggest things is going to be assessing the damage to your home after the fire has been combated. This will help you determine what to do next, such as restoration. If your house was only partially damage, then you can start looking into Atlanta fire and restoration companies to help you with everything else in the future. However, if your home happens to be severely damaged, then it might be best to immediately contact a Atlanta fire and restoration who is also versed in new home construction like Southern Home Builders & Restoration Group. Once the damage has been assessed, then it will be time to talk to your insurance agency as well as knowing the necessary steps toward restoration. Everyone’s experience is going to be different, however. It all depends on the fire damage. Talking To Insurance Agencies Normally when it comes to fire damage and home insurance, they will help cover the costs of rebuilding and replacing fire damaged home items. But, before you start talking to the insurance agency on your own, you can first have a professional restoration company help you get the best value on your situation to ensure that you’re not paying too much or being properly compensated. Certain restoration companies are going to have strong networks to home insurance companies which allows them to have better deals. One of these such restoration companies happens to be Southern Home Builders & Restoration Group, which can properly scope and prepare an estimate done to your home and have access to most major insurance agencies. Begin To Rebuild Once all damages have been figured out and the claim has been finalized, then it will be time to rebuild. An Atlanta fire and restoration company will then come in and help you rebuild everything, ensuring that your home looks brand new and has updated features. In fact, some companies will put so much attention into their work that the restoration process will more than likely look even better than the previous design of the house. This usually means new fixtures and better standards for smoke and fire alarms. Depending on the type of rebuilding project that you need done, time will vary. If the damage was contained and didn’t get to the rest of the house, it is going to be a much faster project so you can get back to your life without so many of these stresses and hassles. But, if a significant portion of the house was destroyed or important aspects of the home (such as the electrical, HVAC, or structural) are damaged beyond repair, it is going to be a bit more extensive. This is all necessary in order for the home to be livable once again. This part of the process is critical that you engage a highly seasoned home building and restoration company who will...

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8 Essential Rules Of New Home Construction In Atlanta

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When you want to build your house from the foundation up, you’re going to need to employ home construction contractors to do all of the work in a professional and timely manner. But, like with anything else, there are some essential ground rules that you need to know before you start the construction of your custom home. These rules can be important to the overall building process, ensuring that you get the house of your dreams and only work with the best in home construction. If you’re in the Atlanta area and happen to be interested in building your own home, then this will also be of importance to you because working with the right Atlanta new home construction company is vital. There is going to be companies out there that will only do a mediocre job and provide a “cookie cutter” house that can be found anywhere else. If you’re looking for a completely customized, unique home building experience, then you will want to work with the best and that happens to be Southern Home Builders & Restoration Group. But, before any of that, here are the eight essential rules of Atlanta new home construction. 1. Know Your Contract Because you will be requesting the service of a home building company, you will be signing a contract that you agree upon. Services and the type of work you want will be outlined in the contract as well as what the contractors can and can’t do. However, before you just sign any paper handed to you, remember to take a look at the contract and know what it entails. Make sure all of the subsequent documents such as building plans, exact specifications and required features are also outlined in the contract. 2. Keep Track of Your Budgeting Even if money isn’t really a problem for your customized home, it is still good to know the type of budget your Atlanta new home construction contractors are working with and just how much the allowances are. Allowances are built-in prices for things such as pavement, wall depth, or interior fixtures. Some sub-par contractors will make their overall offer look affordable but then have high built-in fees once building starts. Higher quality construction companies like Southern Home Builders & Restoration Group are going to be honest about their fees and even help you find the best budgeting solutions. 3. Do Get Environmentally Friendly Not only does going green help make your carbon footprint smaller, it can also be a great return on investment once you’re moved into your home because of how much money you will be saving month to month. Energy efficient insulation, heating and air, electrical, and even environmental structural changes to your home’s design are just as important. 4. Always Stay On Schedule Keep tabs of the building timeline with your contractor, they will be more than happy to let you know what has been completed so far and if you’re on schedule. It is also good to stay up to date with the schedule so you don’t experience any unexpected extra building fees in the process that could potentially prolong the entire building timeline. 5. Also Know Your Subcontractors A highly professional and detail oriented Atlanta new home construction company like Southern Home Builders is going to make sure you’re completely confident in their work and that means knowing who the subcontractors are going to be. You should know the type of expertise that is being brought on to complete your dream house, not be left in the dark. 6. Do Build During Off Seasons Want to get...

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Fire and Smoke Damage: How Restoration is Different

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Fire and smoke damage is not easy to clean up. However, professional restoration companies such as Southern Home Builders and Restoration Group can clean your home of fire and smoke damages  with state of the art restoration equipment. This company can also rebuild damaged portions if necessary, lessening your expenses and disruption of property loss. Deodorizing the air and cleaning surfaces can fix smoke damage — fire damage can be fixed by cleaning clothing, shoes and mattresses. Your items can also be shipped and cleaned in a process called a pack-up. Below are some ways a restoration company can fix fire and smoke damage. How Smoke Damage is Handled Smoke damage is a difficult thing to fix — it is the most damaging part of a fire. It can be ash and soot from the fire itself or even odor from the smoke. There are two different types of smoke: wet and dry. Wet smoke comes from smoldering fires that burn at a low temperature — this type of smoke is sticky and smears easily. Dry smoke comes from fires that burn fast at a high temperature — it is dry and doesn’t smear. A restoration company can clean both types. In such instance, an ozone generator is used to clean wet smoke from items in a damaged home. The damaged items are placed under a tent and the generator pumps ozone into the tent — the ozone breaks up smoke molecules so the items smell clean. Air Scrubbers are another way restoration companies can clean smoky air. An air scrubber is a machine that moves the air through a series of filters that remove harmful particles found in smoke. Dealing with smoke restoration on your own can be an expensive course, however with help from a smoke restoration repair company; you may not only be saving yourself money, but valuable time as well. Special washing machines such as the Esporta Wash System might be used to wash clothing or shoes— this type of washer uses hydraulic pressure to remove smoke and soot. Ultrasonic cleaning uses tanks that send sonic vibrations to lift away soot.  Soda blasting can also be used to remove smoke residue and smell from walls as well as other items — soda blasting uses a combination of baking soda and compressed air to blast away smoke residue and soot.  A pressure washer can also be used to clean the outside of your house and a carpet cleaner to remove soot and smoke smell from your carpets. Fires create high acid levels — these levels can be brought down to a neutral level by using a specific combination of chemicals. After the pH levels are brought down, pressurized water is used to remove soot or other debris. Canopies can also be cleaned with special chemicals. How Fire Damage is Handled Although you may be anxious to clean up your house after a fire, it is best take the time to get professional advice in order to prevent further damages. In handling fire damages, your bedding, mattresses, curtains and clothing must be dry cleaned, along with your ceilings, windows, doors and door-frames. If necessary, it is also necessary to repaint cabinets, window frames and other surfaces. Boarding up may also be crucial — it may be required that you board up your house with wooden boards to prevent vandalism. These companies can also seal up items that cannot be accessed or slightly damaged to help prevent contamination. Many people see the apparent damages of actual flames smoldering up their home, but many are unwary for the amount...

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How to Attack House Water Damage

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House water damage can be costly. You can reduce cost by clearing out the water-damaged areas and using appliances to dry your home. It’s also important to check for leaks and doing other routine tasks to prevent water damage. Below are some ways to stop further damage once water has entered your home. What to do After You Find the Damage Once you know there is damage in the house, call a professional water restoration company. Then make sure you remove all the furniture from the water damaged room or rooms. You should also move all smaller items to a safe location. Aside from furniture, you should also move the curtains so they are not touching the floor — remove the carpet from the area but don’t try to dry it. Once everything is out of the water damaged areas you should try to get as much of the standing water you can out of the rooms. It’s also important to turn off your electricity in case any wires were exposed to water — if a leaky pipe causes the damage, you should turn off the water to prevent any more water damage. Next you should dry out your home. How to Dry Out Your Home Until the Professionals Arrive If you want to prevent any further water damage, there are certain items in your home you can use to make your house drier. One of these items is a dehumidifier — when you run the dehumidifier, it helps prevent further damage by stopping evaporation, which can create humidity. Humidity can increase the water damage — when running your dehumidifier, be sure that the temperature of your home is between 70 and 90 degrees. This will help the appliance work more efficiently. Another item you can use is your air conditioning system. If you do use this system, make sure not to turn the thermostat down too low because the cold temperature will slow down evaporation. Instead of turning the thermostat down, turn it up so the water can quickly evaporate. Preventing water damage is easier then treating it. Below are some ways you can prevent house water damage. Ways to Prevent House Water Damage The first thing you can do is clean your house on a regular basis. This basic task helps you spot leaks and other problems before they can get worse. When you clean make sure you pull out damage prone objects such as washers and refrigerators so you can look behind them — you might spot a leak or drip. Also check under sinks and behind toilets for leaks. Aside from cleaning, you can also make sure to run the dishwasher and the washing machine when you are awake. If you are sleeping, you might not hear a hose break. You can also turn off all water valves that send water to the washer except for when you are doing wash. Your nose knows. When you smell mold or must you should check it out. It’s best to first look in mold prone areas such as bathrooms and basements. You can also prevent house water damage by cleaning gutters regularly. When water freezes in gutters it can break the gutters themselves and damage the roof. Also make sure to get any leaves or other items out of the gutters to make sure water can escape freely. When you check the gutters you should also look at the downspouts and check that they are also clear. While you are looking at the gutter, it’s important to look at the eaves because they can leak when it...

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Maximize Home Storage With Atlanta Home Remodelers

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Feeling a little cramped in your current home? Maybe you still need a little bit more space for organization and home storage but don’t know how to get the maximum results with your home’s current square footage. Things you need to properly store such as holiday decorations, old children’s toys, and other miscellaneous items can have a place in your home without having to feel like you’re being cluttered and that is through Atlanta home renovations. If you’re in the local area and need more space, Southern Home Builders & Restoration Group is one of the best in the greater Atlanta area so you can have a highly organized and spacious home once again. What are the benefits compared to buying organizational systems from furniture stores or renting out a storage unit? Read on about the benefits of professional Atlanta home renovations. Professionals working with you Even if you happen to be a master at organization, sometimes it can still feel like you have less and less space in your home–especially with all of those organizational bins, drawers, and units that can take up even more space and just the make problem even worse. Rather than trying to fix the problem with more stuff, you can simply hire professionals who can do Atlanta home remodelers on your home so you physically do have more space and can properly organize everything without feeling so overwhelmed. Not only can the renovation professionals maximize your space, you will also be increasing the value of your home because of the new renovations, especially when they are done by such highly experienced professionals like Southern Home Builders & Restoration Group. Speaking of Atlanta home renovations from Southern Home Builders & Restoration Group, they are also going to make sure that the entire project is perfect and every detail is the highest quality for you and your family. It can be frustrating having to do extensive home renovations while you’re still trying to live your day-to-day lives, so don’t trust the project with just any renovation company and then have to worry about any follow-up projects to fix any future problems. You should get to enjoy your extra space without mediocre final results. Gorgeous renovations with maximum space Doing an overall renovation of your home is going to mean more space for you and your family to live in so you don’t have to feel like you’re being trapped by your things. You can have added space in your bedrooms or even add on extra rooms such as a home office, study, or even a dedicated hobby or craft room if you wanted. Atlanta home renovations can achieve practically anything you want and with the right professionals by your side, it will be an even better renovation process. They will make sure you know what exactly you want and even provide tips and suggestions on maximizing the space of your home. This is, after all, your home and you should be able to enjoy it. If you do decide to use organizational systems in your home, that means trying to incorporate those clunky bins, drawers, and boxes into your home’s overall decor and current space. But, with Atlanta home renovations and a company like Southern Home Builders 7 Restoration Group doing the renovations, you can have a sense of functionality and aesthetic design with your current layout and decor. Rather than having to stuff everything into your closets with plastic bins, the renovation project can turn that small closet into a large functional and beautiful walk-in closet. Or, if you need a bit more space...

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Finding the Perfect New Home Construction Company In Atlanta

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When it comes time to build your new home, there are several things to keep in mind including the fact that the contractor you hired to build your home is crafting it to your specifications. There are plenty of Atlanta new home construction companies around, but finding the one that fits with you can be a bit of a challenge. Not only do you get a different design, architecture, and build with each company, but you are also dealing with different people. Finding a construction company that listens to you and takes your needs and desires into consideration is highly important when you are building a new home. After all, it would be a bit of a disappointment to build a new home that you did not meet all of your expectations! Southern Home Builders & Restoration Group is a different kind of company that takes its clients vision seriously while carefully listening to what they need and want in their home. Whether you are looking for a new dream home or you are dreaming of renovating your current home, Southern Home Builders & Restoration Group always make sure that you are the focal point of the building process. The first step in finding the best company to fit your needs is figuring out what exactly your needs are. Whether you are a growing family, or you are looking to settle into your perfect home after all of your children have left the nest, or you are looking for a home that you can always add on to; finding a company that understands your needs and is flexible in fulfilling your desires is key. Communication is also a major selling point with any construction company since listening and understanding are two different things. Anyone can listen to you, but it is in the understanding of what you are saying or asking that makes a construction company the perfect fit for you. If a company is unwilling to understand your desires, then they are probably not the right fit for you. At the same time, you must be willing to listen to your contractor, which takes trust, but knowing that they are experienced and trusted can go a long way. Not everything you hear from your Atlanta new home construction company will be what you want to hear, but if you listen to them like they listen to you then your relationship will work and you will end up with a house you may have never dreamed of having. Just remember, they have your best interest in mind. Once you have decided on an Atlanta new home construction company, you will have to settle on a floor plan for your new home. This will require more conversation with your builder, but it is also one of the more exciting steps in the whole process as you see the beginnings of what will eventually be your new home. The architect and builder will be working with you closely to figure out what fits in your budget and what your needs are and how they can make everything you want work with the house you need and want. Again, listening to your designer and builder is just as important as them listening to you. They are the ones with experience and knowledge in this area and understanding what they can do to help you can go a long way to alleviate stress on both ends. It does no good to demand the impossible from a builder because it will only frustrate you and the builder in the end. Atlanta new home construction...

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The Complete Guide To Find the Best Company To Your Repair Fire Damage

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One of the worst nightmares for any homeowner is the occurrence of fire. Thousands of homes all over the country are ruined every year due to the damage done by fire, smoke and soot.  When a catastrophe like this strikes your family, the first and most important thing to do is contact an experienced insurance restoration company to make sure that no additional damage occurs. The financial loss, not to mention belongings of sentimental value, can be a hard blow to any family whose home has been struck by fire. Fires can start in a number of small ways and there is no telling when it can happen. From a gas leak to a lit candle that is left without supervision, your home is always at risk. Being cautious is always important but accidents can occur without warning. This is exactly why you need a company that you can immediately contact to provide you with reliable services to repair fire damage. Finding the best company for fire damage repairs Not every company that provides fire damage repair and renovation services is the same. Each has its own experience, skills as well as a sense of what is acceptable in terms of quality. When you and your family have been traumatized by a fire, it is essential for you to put your home in the hands of a company that offers services to repair fire damage that can take care of every specific requirement you need to restore your home. Do not be taken in by companies that merely make you feel at ease immediately. Here are a few important points to keep in mind when you look for a company to repair fire damage: Check with the building department in your area to determine if your repair project requires a licensed company and also whether it will need a permit. Make a list of preliminary objectives for your project as well as a budget. Get referrals from material suppliers of good repute or building permit authorities in your area. Verify the license status and its standing history with the licensing board.  Conduct personal interviews with your top 2 to 4 candidates. Cover the following topics during your interview: What steps will be taken to assure that you get services of the best quality? How are changes in orders handled? Take a look at each company’s portfolio, examples of design plans and management systems of projects that they implement. Do not forget the importance of agreement and contract terms in writing Whether the project to repair fire damage in your home is small or large, always make sure that you and the company that you have hired have a written agreement. You should remember never to start a project until there is a complete agreement that is signed by the company. Also remember that you are not obligated to sign the company’s standard contract. An agreement should always include the following points: Timeline of the project with penalties for delay and a bonus for on-time completion Detailed description of every material and item that needs to be installed and all the work that needs to be performed Criteria for quality, completion of the project and payment Payments, costs and fees summary in detail Payment of sub-contractor and responsibility and/or handling of mechanic lien Rules for order changes as well as responsibilities and cost for contract adjustments Requirements for bond coverage and insurance Workmanship warranty Responsibility for selection and purchase of materials, acceptance and storage of deliveries Cleanliness of job site, conduct of employees and rules related to the use of...

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How to Identify The Best Fire And Water Restoration Companies

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Your home should be the safest place in the world to you. Unfortunately, both you and your house are vulnerable to outside forces. Fire, water, and wind are the three elemental forces that, while fairly harmless  in day-to-day usage, can wreak havoc on the home front. In cases of emergencies and extreme damage, fire and water restoration companies can restore not only the physical strength and structural soundness to your home, but also peace of mind. The key to restoration of a damaged home is time. The longer you wait to deal with structural damage, the worse the damage can become. In the event of water damage, mold can begin to grow within 48 hours, which is a serious concern for those with allergies. Fires can also cause secondary smoke damage to your home. Mold may also begin to grow at least three days after a fire.It is therefore the number one priority to call a fire and water restoration company as soon as you can before the damage worsens. Luckily, many companies, like Southern Homes & Restoration Group, have a 24/7 emergency response line that you can call. Searching for the Right Company Many people turn to the Internet in times of confusion and need, but this may not be the best method to finding the right fire and water restoration company. The time to find help is certainly not right as a disaster hits your home, but well in advance. Searching for a company online can certainly be an excellent way to research the company and perhaps find a phone number or geographic location, but your Internet access is subject to change should a natural disaster strike. In addition, some of the results that come up in a search engine will not be within the area of your home. However, there are fire and water restoration companies in nearly every city or state, so you should not worry about finding at least one. Your insurance company should be the first option for finding a good fire and water restoration company. This will be the most cost-effective option for all parties involved. The company and your insurance provider should have a history of working together, so there is a more personal connection and some knowledge of the timeliness and quality of work provided. Family members, friends, and even neighbors can also provide good references for fire and water restoration companies. Damage and Claims The sooner you call a fire and water restoration company, the sooner you can make a claim on your insurance. Most companies, once they get to your house, will assess the damage. As stated previously, water damage can quickly become a mold problem, and waiting would lead to greater costs on your part. The equipment that companies use to clean up fire and water damage is highly specialized, and anyone who handles the equipment is well trained. In addition to fixing and preventing further damage, companies can also assess the damage and give you an estimate on cost and speed up the process of insurance claims. Many companies also have insurance specialists working for them who can explain the process to you, should there be any confusion. Having employees who understand the insurance process makes dealing with the disaster easier on your part. What You Can Do There are ways you can prepare yourself for an emergency other than having a fire and water restoration company already chosen. According to the Centers for Diseasee Control and Prevention, over one-third of house fire deaths occur in homes lacking smoke alarms, and that deaths are most likely...

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Home Remodelers vs Atlanta New Builds

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As a homeowner, you have a few options when it comes to the type of housing situation you can have. Most homeowners typically move into custom built homes that are the home of their dreams, although this option is obviously going to be expensive and time consuming, especially if there is a lot of detail involved in the home building process. On the other side, a homeowner always has the option to simply remodel their current home–even extensive remodel projects that can drastically change your house into the home of your dreams. This is even true for Atlanta homeowners, especially with so many home building projects happening around the city. So, which one is best? Atlanta new builds or Atlanta home remodelers? Home remodeling means being able to update and renovate your current house and allowing for you to realize those big dreams you had about your ideal home all this time. Of course, not all home building companies offer remodeling services to their clients. Finding the perfect fit when it comes to Atlanta home remodelers means working with only the best and most professional in the industry and the metro area. Remodelers are going to be able to help you make your ideas and dreams into reality while also doing it in a timely manner with a laser precise attention to all details. Why is this important, though? Remodeling is just as extensive as building an entire house, especially if an entire addition to your current home is being built on. There is going to be a need for professionalism as well as understanding what exactly needs to be done and in how much time. An Atlanta remodeling and building company like Southern Home Builders will be able to handle all of this and more. If there are any problems in the building process, that means starting over again or having to deal with flaws in the final product. Rather than just accepting sub-par work or having to redo an entire section, trust your entire project in the right hands with remodelers who have been in the business for several years and know the latest standards. Atlanta home remodelers will be able to work with your insurance as well as with you to ensure that you get the best deal for your remodeling project. You shouldn’t be tied up in budgeting, scheduling, and other drawbacks when the professionals can handle all of that while providing their own expertise. So, with all of that said about the actual remodelers, why does it matter if you choose to work with Atlanta home remodelers versus using their home building services? There are some things you should consider, besides being able to save more time and money overall. Sometimes an entire home build isn’t required. If you’re looking to remodel, for example, your kitchen or your master bathroom then why bother spending all of that extra time, money, and effort to just build an entirely different home? Even older homes can be updated with the latest trends, fixtures, and designs to make everything look incredibly chic and 21st Century. Sometimes the remodeling isn’t because you simply want to breathe some new life into your home but because of damage to your house through storms or a house fire. While sometimes a family will need to build a new home, sometimes damages like these will only affect parts of a house and these sections can be easily remodeled by professionals. If you want to build up a new addition, such as a mother-in-law suite or extra bedroom, then Atlanta home remodelers can easily...

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Flood Recovery: Your Key To Survival

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The first thing to understand about flood recovery is that it happens in stages, not just physical stages, but emotional stages as well. According to disaster relief experts, the schema of recovery is similar to the Kubler-Ross model for the stages of grief. Everyone responds to disaster differently. Although these responses might occur out of order, the emotions involved will eventually hit everyone affected by the disaster. If you’re struggling in the aftermath of a natural disaster, you may begin to doubt that you will ever recover from this tragedy. Feelings of doubt are understandable, but restoration is possible. It begins with your home. Reading the Post-Disaster Odometer: 6 Steps to Disaster Recovery To bring better understanding to the complexities of flood recovery, we will take a brief look at each step the corresponding recovery process. Step One: Hire the professionals. You will want to start the process of elimination and subsequent insurance approval right away. Even if you don’t feel up to making any major renovation decisions; it’s important that the project gets underway as soon as possible to avoid the formation of mold, mildew, and other toxic substances that could put your health and well-being at risk. Flood recovery is a large undertaking. The sooner you get a team mobilized, the sooner they can get you back to pre-flood conditions. The first step is to assess the damage and discuss any improvements you desire over the old design, so that the restoration stays on schedule. This is as close to building from scratch as you can get without actually doing it. Make the most of it and opt for a few fixtures and features you’ve always wanted. Step Two: Turn off all sources of electricity. This is an important step to complete before anyone – including the restoration team – enters into what remains of your property. Turning off the electricity protects those occupying the space from accident, injury, or electrocution. If you are unable to turn off the electricity prior to people entering the property, remind them not to touch any live appliances that may be present. Step Three: Drying out. This is where restoration specialists come in especially handy. Look for experts who offer comprehensive service packages at affordable prices. Make sure that the drying out process is complete and the corners are not cut. This step is done in the interest of your health and the health of your family. Don’t sacrifice that in favor of advancing the project faster. You will pay a risky and expensive price in the end. Step Four: Look for material that can be reused or salvaged. The pieces you choose should still serve a sustainable function. Avoid items that harbor moisture, like: mattresses, cushions, and drywall. They are more susceptible to becoming a breeding ground for sickness-causing bacteria. By several weeks post-disaster the long-term signs of flood recovery have started to appear. Avoid the extra stress and anxiety of making reconstruction plans and preparations on your own. That’s what our company is here for. We have over 30 years of flood recovery experience to offer. You are not in this alone; we can take the financial and emotional burden off of your shoulders. Step Five: It’s time to clean house. Once you salvaged what you can, it’s time to clean the interior surfaces of your home and prepare a base of restoration for the team to work from. Clean the walls, floors, countertops and surfaces. As far as furniture is concerned make the healthiest judgment call possible. If the pieces are still functional, dry the amount under the...

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