Fire and Smoke Damage: How Restoration is Different

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Fire and smoke damage is not easy to clean up. However, professional restoration companies such as Southern Home Builders and Restoration Group can clean your home of fire and smoke damages  fire damagewith state of the art restoration equipment. This company can also rebuild damaged portions if necessary, lessening your expenses and disruption of property loss. Deodorizing the air and cleaning surfaces can fix smoke damage — fire damage can be fixed by cleaning clothing, shoes and mattresses. Your items can also be shipped and cleaned in a process called a pack-up. Below are some ways a restoration company can fix fire and smoke damage.

How Smoke Damage is Handled

Smoke damage is a difficult thing to fix — it is the most damaging part of a fire. It can be ash and soot from the fire itself or even odor from the smoke. There are two different types of smoke: wet and dry. Wet smoke comes from smoldering fires that burn at a low temperature — this type of smoke is sticky and smears easily. Dry smoke comes from fires that burn fast at a high temperature — it is dry and doesn’t smear. A restoration company can clean both types.

  • In such instance, an ozone generator is used to clean wet smoke from items in a damaged home. The damaged items are placed under a tent and the generator pumps ozone into the tent — the ozone breaks up smoke molecules so the items smell clean.
  • Air Scrubbers are another way restoration companies can clean smoky air. An air scrubber is a machine that moves the air through a series of filters that remove harmful particles found in smoke.

Dealing with smoke restoration on your own can be an expensive course, however with help from a smoke restoration repair company; you may not only be saving yourself money, but valuable time as well. Special washing machines such as the Esporta Wash System might be used to wash clothing or shoes— this type of washer uses hydraulic pressure to remove smoke and soot. Ultrasonic cleaning uses tanks that send sonic vibrations to lift away soot.  Soda blasting can also be used to remove smoke residue and smell from walls as well as other items — soda blasting uses a combination of baking soda and compressed air to blast away smoke residue and soot.  A pressure washer can also be used to clean the outside of your house and a carpet cleaner to remove soot and smoke smell from your carpets.

Fires create high acid levels — these levels can be brought down to a neutral level by using a specific combination of chemicals. After the pH levels are brought down, pressurized water is used to remove soot or other debris. Canopies can also be cleaned with special chemicals.

How Fire Damage is Handledfire damage restoration

Although you may be anxious to clean up your house after a fire, it is best take the time to get professional advice in order to prevent further damages. In handling fire damages, your bedding, mattresses, curtains and clothing must be dry cleaned, along with your ceilings, windows, doors and door-frames. If necessary, it is also necessary to repaint cabinets, window frames and other surfaces. Boarding up may also be crucial — it may be required that you board up your house with wooden boards to prevent vandalism. These companies can also seal up items that cannot be accessed or slightly damaged to help prevent contamination.

Many people see the apparent damages of actual flames smoldering up their home, but many are unwary for the amount of damage that is actually caused. Restoration companies might call in an electrician to fix electrical problems caused by the fire. These professionals can fix the electric by removing old wires, fixing electrical equipment and installing new wires. They might also use a procedure called a pack-out. A pack-out is when your belongings are shipped to a secure location.

Fire and smoke damage is easier when you hire a professional restoration company. These damages can be taken care of by having an expert clean your clothing and other items, get rid of the smell of smoke, repaint doors and windows, replace walls, and fix your electronics and electricity.

Are you handling fire and smoke damages on your own? Southern Home Builders and Restoration Group can clean damages caused by fire and smoke, in order to save you those costly headaches. Trained and certified fire and smoke damage restoration contractors are capable of quickly responding when disaster strikes.

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