Atlanta Fire And Restoration: What to Expect After The Fire

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It can be a very scary and traumatic moment when you realize you have a house fire and one of the first things on anyone’s mind is going to be safety. Once everyone has been safely taken out of theatlanta fire restoration  house then the rest of the worries start to settle in. There is the house itself, insurance, and so much more. Rather than trying to handle everything yourself and figuring out what to do or expect after a house fire, you can instead know exactly the steps to take so you and your family can get back to their normal lives. And if you’re living in the Atlanta area, these steps are going to be especially useful for you.

Assess The Damage
One of the biggest things is going to be assessing the damage to your home after the fire has been combated. This will help you determine what to do next, such as restoration. If your house was only partially damage, then you can start looking into Atlanta fire and restoration companies to help you with everything else in the future. However, if your home happens to be severely damaged, then it might be best to immediately contact a Atlanta fire and restoration who is also versed in new home construction like Southern Home Builders & Restoration Group.

Once the damage has been assessed, then it will be time to talk to your insurance agency as well as knowing the necessary steps toward restoration. Everyone’s experience is going to be different, however. It all depends on the fire damage.

Talking To Insurance Agencies
Normally when it comes to fire damage and home insurance, they will help cover the costs of rebuilding and replacing fire damaged home items. But, before you start talking to the insurance agency on your own, you can first have a professional restoration company help you get the best value on your situation to ensure that you’re not paying too much or being properly compensated. Certain restoration companies are going to have strong networks to home insurance companies which allows them to have better deals. One of these such restoration companies happens to be Southern Home Builders & Restoration Group, which can properly scope and prepare an estimate done to your home and have access to most major insurance agencies.

Begin To Rebuild
Once all damages have been figured out and the claim has been finalized, then it will be time to rebuild. An Atlanta fire and restoration company will then come in and help you rebuild everything, ensuring that your home looks brand new and has updated features. In fact, some companies will put so much attention into their work that the restoration process will more than likely look even better than the previous design of the house. This usually means new fixtures and better standards for smoke and fire alarms.

Depending on the type of rebuilding project that you need done, time will vary. If the damage was contained and didn’t get to the rest of the house, it is going to be a much faster project so you can get back to your life without so many of these stresses and hassles. But, if a significant portion of the house was destroyed or important aspects of the home (such as the electrical, HVAC, or structural) are damaged beyond repair, it is going to be a bit more extensive. This is all necessary in order for the home to be livable once restoration

This part of the process is critical that you engage a highly seasoned home building and restoration company who will able to handle everything for you. The mechanical, structural, and everything else will be in the care of the Atlanta fire and restoration company and they will make sure every bit of the restoration process is up to their perfectionist standards and won’t experience any issues once you’re ready to move back in.

Moving On With Life
Your home has been renovated and remodeled after the fire, your family is safe, and now you’re ready to move back in and get back to a regular life. This is going to be the best part, for obvious reasons. If there are any further questions you need from the Atlanta fire and restoration company, don’t hesitate to ask at this moment in time. They will provide all of the answers you need with thorough explanations, ensuring you’re completely confident in the final results.

A fire in your home is a very scary experience and once everything is under control and the flame is put out there is then the restoration process both for your home and your family after. Only trust the best when it comes to Atlanta fire and restoration services, like Southern Home Builders & Restoration Group.

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