How to Identify The Best Fire And Water Restoration Companies

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Your home should be the safest place in the world to you. Unfortunately, both you and your house are vulnerable to outside forces. Fire, water, and wind are the three elemental forces that, while fairly harmlesswater restoration  in day-to-day usage, can wreak havoc on the home front. In cases of emergencies and extreme damage, fire and water restoration companies can restore not only the physical strength and structural soundness to your home, but also peace of mind.

The key to restoration of a damaged home is time. The longer you wait to deal with structural damage, the worse the damage can become. In the event of water damage, mold can begin to grow within 48 hours, which is a serious concern for those with allergies. Fires can also cause secondary smoke damage to your home. Mold may also begin to grow at least three days after a fire.It is therefore the number one priority to call a fire and water restoration company as soon as you can before the damage worsens. Luckily, many companies, like Southern Homes & Restoration Group, have a 24/7 emergency response line that you can call.

Searching for the Right Company

Many people turn to the Internet in times of confusion and need, but this may not be the best method to finding the right fire and water restoration company. The time to find help is certainly not right as a disaster hits your home, but well in advance. Searching for a company online can certainly be an excellent way to research the company and perhaps find a phone number or geographic location, but your Internet access is subject to change should a natural disaster strike. In addition, some of the results that come up in a search engine will not be within the area of your home. However, there are fire and water restoration companies in nearly every city or state, so you should not worry about finding at least one.

Your insurance company should be the first option for finding a good fire and water restoration company. This will be the most cost-effective option for all parties involved. The company and your insurance provider should have a history of working together, so there is a more personal connection and some knowledge of the timeliness and quality of work provided. Family members, friends, and even neighbors can also provide good references for fire and water restoration companies.

Damage and Claims

The sooner you call a fire and water restoration company, the sooner you can make a claim on your insurance. Most companies, once they get to your house, will assess the damage. As stated previously, water damage can quickly become a mold problem, and waiting would lead to greater costs on your part. The equipment that companies use to clean up fire and water damage is highly specialized, and anyone who handles the equipment is well trained.

In addition to fixing and preventing further damage, companies can also assess the damage and give you an estimate on cost and speed up the process of insurance claims. Many companies also have insurance specialists working for them who can explain the process to you, should there be any confusion. Having employees who understand the insurance process makes dealing with the disaster easier on your part.

What You Can Dowater-restoration-companies

There are ways you can prepare yourself for an emergency other than having a fire and water restoration company already chosen. According to the Centers for Diseasee Control and Prevention, over one-third of house fire deaths occur in homes lacking smoke alarms, and that deaths are most likely to occur in homes lacking smoke alarms. Having smoke alarms installed can prevent any deaths and be a tool to keeping you, your loved ones, and your house safe.

In event of a flood, it is imperative that you know whether or not you live in an area at risk for flooding or landslides. You should have a certified electrician elevate electric components, such as sockets and wiring, at least a foot above your home’s flood elevation to prevent any threat of electrocution. Emergency numbers should be posted by the telephone or entered into your mobile device. Once again, one of these numbers should definitely be the number of a trusted and reliable fire and water restoration company.

Have you ever had to deal with damage to your home in the event of a disaster? Did you work with a particular fire and water restoration company? What aspects of working with them made the process easier and what was more difficult? Tell us what you think!

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