Complete Guide For Home Water and Flood Damage

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Did you know that water and flood damage affects not just your property, but also sets up just the right environment for mold and mildew? Growing mildew and mold is damaging to both the howater restorationuse and the humans living in it as they create tiny spores that can damage the immune systems, lungs and overall health of human beings.

Water flood damage to a home can cause a huge loss of money and time. Be it from a hurricane or a broken water pipe, a flood from heavy rains, or sewer backup, water damage can be a major hassle.

Some people attempt to take care of the restoration process on their own and find that they’ve created more problems and heartache. The restoration process for water flood damage requires all sorts of tools and skills to dry out walls, carpet, flooring and furniture as well as a sump pump to remove the water, which costs hundreds of dollars alone.

That’s why it’s so important to include professional drying and ventilating in your home after water and flood damage.

Professional restoration is needed and almost always covered with water and flood insurance after damage has occurred. A specialized water flood damage consultant can assess your situation and give you an honest estimate of what can be restored to its original condition and what needs to be tossed or replaced.

Drying water and flood damaged areas in your home includes several specific and highly skilled processes including:

Extracting and drying process

Water needs to be removed with a sump pump or professional machinery that effectively takes all the water out and discards it in a safe area.

Moisture mapping process

This is a specialized process that dehumidifies and dries the house to keep out that pesky mold and mildew.

Restoring and rebuilding your home

This is also included in your insurance and depending on the damage, can either be done by a building contractor or the water flood damage restoration company

Water flood damage insurance is key to finding relief after that storm hits. If you find that your home has been damaged in a flood, the first step to take right away is to contact your insurance. Even before contacting a water  flood damage restoration contractor, it’s a good idea to call your insurance to find out exactly what they cover. A good insurance will provide representatives that will answer questions as well as help you begin the claim filing process.

flood damageThe next step is to contact your water flood damage restoration contractor who can help you determine just exactly what needs to be restored as well as help you with your insurance claim filing process. Contractors referred to by friends as well as your insurance company can be a great place to start in finding the best water flood damage restoration contractor out there. If you do the research beforehand, when you purchase your water flood insurance, and keep a list of good contractors on hand in a special place, you won’t have to think about it when the time comes to make that call.

A good contractor can help you determine just exactly what is covered, what your deductible is, and from there arrange for payment options after insurance coverage.

Keep in mind that there are different categories of water and flood damage that can occur, including:

  • Fresh water category one damage – this is damage made from a broken water line or from torrential rains and is the least damaging to your home.
  • Gray water category two damage – this can occur from flooded gutters that create back up and seepage through floors and under doors. Gray water category two flood damage can also come from appliances such as washing machines backing up, which means something else is amiss with your drainage system.  Gray water damage can hold more microorganisms and bacteria than fresh water damage as it usually sits around for longer periods of time.
  • Raw sewage and major flood category three damage  – this is the worst for creating disease causing bacteria and microbes. When a house is abandoned from a major flood, raw sewage can back up and be left sitting for days. In this case, anything in contact with category three water needs to be removed and replaced, including drywall, carpeting, flooring, furniture and clothes.

This is why water flood damage insurance is so important. All these items need to be inventoried by both the homeowner and insurance.

A professional who knows about water flood damage restoration will help make certain that all contaminated areas are treated correctly and completely. He’ll walk you through the restoration process and take pictures as well as provide anything else you need so that you can file a complete and accurate claim to your insurance.

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