Top 5 Atlanta Custom Home Remodeling Trends

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Home remodeling is the best opportunity to start fresh and build up to your dream house with your current home. Thousands of homeowners each year atlanta custom home remodelingcreate a custom home remodeling project alongside a professional remodeling company to bring all of their ideas into reality, but there are some that have become highly popular throughout 2013 and will probably continue to be very trendy in the next coming years. What are these top home remodeling projects that you should consider for your own home? Read on for the top five, especially when it comes to glamorous Atlanta homes and their remodeling projects.

1. Kitchen Cabinets & Countertops
If your kitchen has been feeling a little drab lately, this is the perfect time to turn it up a notch and remodel the kitchen cabinets and counter-tops into something modern, chic, and trendy. Most homeowners are looking for simple fixtures and finishes when it comes to kitchen cabinets because of how easy they are to maintain and still provide great decor. Then, there are the counter-tops. Granite is still very popular but there also has been a shift toward quartz countertops because of how strong and sturdy it can be without losing its luster.

2. All New Colors
When it comes to custom home remodeling, color is especially important. When installing fixtures, putting up walls, and other things part of the remodeling process, you’re going to want to find the perfect color that speaks to you and your home decor. One of the most on-trend colors for 2013 and beyond is actually a charcoal gray because of how versatile it is. Charcoal and shades of gray can be used for a modern look, to create a dramatic effect, or even as an inviting color when paired with green. Although, it could also be because of a certain best selling romance novel. In any case, gray is popping up all over the place throughout custom home remodels.

3. LED Lightingcustom home builders
It’s continuing to illuminate many homes and will continue to be an on-going trend in 2013 and in the future. Since traditional lighting fixtures are beginning to become obsolete, it means that LED will be replacing it because of much longer it lasts, lower electricity costs, and most of these types of fixtures are environmentally friendly. And they are popping up in more than just outdoor or kitchen lighting, they are also lighting up dining rooms, bedrooms, and living rooms. Hanging chandeliers, spotlights, bathroom fixtures, and of course kitchen fixtures are all being replaced with LED lighting.

4. Generational Homes
With so many Baby Boomers starting to retire as well as more and more adult-aged children staying at home while finding a job, this means the trend of multi-generational homes are starting to grow in the United States. This also means custom home remodeling trends point to homes being remodeled to fit these needs, such as including mother-in-law suits or extra additions to the house as better accommodation. Also, homes are being remodeled so older homeowners can stay in their homes longer without having to move into a retirement community.

5. Bathroom Counter-tops
Regular porcelain white counter-tops are starting to dwindle and the rise of beige, gray, and marbleized counter-tops in custom home remodeling bathrooms are beginning to rise–especially now in 2013. Any home owner deserves a gorgeous master bathroom and the best way to give your bathroom a majorly updated look that is very on trend and stylish is through the counters. This is also true for the shower walls and bathtubs themselves, as it is good for everything to match one another for an even more contemporary look.custom home builders atlanta

With these top five trends in custom home remodeling, your home is sure to dazzle and be the home of your dreams. However, it all needs to start somewhere and that is with a highly experienced and professional team of home re-modelers that will understand what you want. There are many different building companies sprouting up in Atlanta and the surrounding metro area, but one of the best still continues to be Southern Home Builders because of their focus on detail. The littlest parts of your home remodeling project will be taken care of as well as the big picture. The professionalism will go well above and beyond of what you expect from a remodeling company.

Not only will the attention to detail and professionalism be the best, but they can also talk with most major insurance companies about any big remodeling projects you have in mind. If you want to have a gorgeous and modern home, then you should be able to work with the best in the industry while bringing your home remodeling aspirations to the real world.

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