Tips To Prepare For Water Damage In Roswell And Alpharetta

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No one likes to deal with water damage, and although it would be nice to believe that water damage only happens in areas that deal with floods, that is simply not true. Water supply lines can break, drains roswell water damagecan clog, and faucets can be left on accidentally. In fact, flooding is one of more rare cases of water damage in houses on a yearly basis. While flooding can cause some of the most widespread damage and garner most of the news attention, water damage to homes costs homeowners billions of dollars annually. Luckily there are plenty of steps that any homeowner can take to help minimize any damage that can occur when the worst happens.

One of the first and easiest steps is to have a yearly plumbing inspection. Even though this is like visiting the dentist once a year where you can still get cavities in between visits, a plumbing inspector can help spot potential problem areas and fix problems before they become a disaster. When looking to prevent water damage both Roswell and Alpharetta have excellent plumbers that can inspect your plumbing.

Since most people are not plumbers and it is impossible to be everywhere that a problem can occur, most have turned to nifty water alarm systems to alert them to a leak before it spreads and costs thousands of dollars. These systems usually lie on the floor near an appliance that handles lots of water such as a hot water heater or a washing machine. Using a nine volt battery and two contact points that sets off an alarm when the conductivity between the two points decreases due to water. There are also multiple zone alarms that require wire or other detection devices to be laid around the perimeter of a room, or in different patterns under the floors of a room. These devices are much more expensive, not only because of the construction cost, but also because the systems themselves require more technology.

water damage repairAutomatic shut off systems are another excellent preventative measure against water damage. Water damage companies and contractors in Roswell and Alpharetta can install these systems that work a littleĀ  like the alarm systems with one huge bonus, they stop the water when they sense water. These systems, unfortunately for some home owners, are not the kind of thing that can be installed by anyone other than a licensed professional, and while costly, water damaged Roswell and Alpharetta homeowners would be faced with is mostly negated. The downsides to these costly systems, besides their cost, is that they require many sensors, the sensors do not always detect the slow leaks that can still do plenty of damage, and even moisture can trigger the system to shut down. Along with those downsides, some of the sensors monitor water flow over time in such a way that using large amounts of water to do things such as water a garden or fill a swimming pool can trigger a system shut down.

Remote alarm systems might be one of the best preventative systems for water damage Roswell and Alpharetta homeowners can install. Not only are they more cost effective than automatic shut off systems or zone alarms, but many also have the ability to automatically report a leak can help save time and money when your water pipes start to leak. Again, these alarms are not 100% reliable as they may trigger their alarm if there is excessive moisture or they might not trip the alarm if there is a small leak. It is all about positioning and having a professional help is one more step that any homeowner can take.

Besides alarm systems, automatic shut off systems, and yearly inspections, there are some simple steps that any homeowner can take to prevent water damage from spreading or consuming valuables. water damage restorationElevating important water consuming appliances like the hot water heater can help save this appliance in case of flooding or heavy water damage. You can also make sure that there is ample drainage in and around any major pipes or potential water leaks; having a good drainage system can help localize the problem and keep it out of other rooms where water can get into carpets or walls. There are also barriers that can be installed, although not necessarily easily. Putting water resistant or water proof barriers around water heavy appliances can encapsulate a water leak or an appliance malfunction and help prevent costly damage to your home.

Do you know of any other inexpensive ways to prevent against water damage Roswell homeowners can use? Do you have any experience with water alarm systems or automatic shut off systems that could be valuable to other homeowners in the area? Share your thoughts, ideas, and words of wisdom with us in the comments section below. We would love to hear what you have to say.

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