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Find Out If Your Home Is Eligible For Hail Damage Repair From Your Home Owners Insurance

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Even if your home is completely paid off, homeowners insurance is still a good idea. Homeowners insurance can offer a broad spectrum of coverage and levels of protection against weather damage, vandalism or crime-related damage, and personal and medical liability to owners and guests and more. Most homeowner’s insurance policies cover hail damage repair and other types of repairs from storms including tornado, wind and torrential rain. However, floods and earthquakes frequently require additional outside coverage. And if your home was damaged by a number of factors such as wind, hail and torrential rain, your homeowners insurance can cover all repairs up to the replacement cost of your home. Keep in mind that the replacement cost is not equal to the sale price of your home. It is the actual price of what it costs to rebuild your home up to the market value sale price. In some places in the United States, hail is a big risk. Hail can range in size from a quarter-inch pea size, which causes minor damage, to almost three inch in diameter base ball size and even larger in some cases. Hail is created by upward blowing high winds that don’t allow rain to fall, but instead push it higher so that droplets freeze. Then, as balls of ice form and become heavy, it plummets 40,000 feet down toward your house hitting your roof and windows at around 60 – 80 miles an hour. Hail is something all homeowners have to deal with. Since hail is not as predictable as say hurricanes, most homeowners insurance will cover it in their policies. Hail can hit anywhere, anytime without any warning. The primary question you need to ask your homeowners insurance, is how much coverage do you get for hail damage. Many times it comes down to your deductible. Homeowners insurance might pay a full $30,000 for hail and storm damage but only after a $3,000 deductible is paid off first. Check your homeowners insurance to see exactly what hail damage coverage it offers and what deductible, if any, you need to pay upfront. That way, you can begin saving for storm damage just in case you may need it. In general, the particular types of coverage included in a homeowner’s policy include: Damage to your home from hail, wind or torrential rain Damage or loss to contents of your home Damage to home structures including swimming pool or separate garage Medical and personal liability to other parties Coverage of costs if your home is uninhabitable Many times your homeowners insurance company will pay for cost of living expenses while your home is being repaired after a hail storm. Major hail storms can damage roofs, break windows, damage landscaping and trees and wreak general havoc to your home. Most homeowner’s insurance cover hail damage to your home and surrounding landscaping, including needed tree removal after a storm. Homeowners insurance typically does not cover hail damage to your car in the driveway. That is left to your car insurance, which you should also have in place. If your home and property has been struck by a major hail storm, it’s important to have a professional check the roof, siding and windows to determine if and where there may be damage. Do this before you contact your homeowners insurance. That’s because not all hail storms cause immediate damage. Usually, pea sized hail or even marble-sized hail don’t cause much damage. But larger sized hail such as those often seen golf-ball sized hail can cause extensive damage. Have a professional building contractor also check the house for any...

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5 Things To Consider If You Need A Restoration For Your Atlanta Home

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Accidents can happen at any time. They can occur due to factors out of your control or because of carelessness. Either way, if your Atlanta home has suffered damage due to natural or man-made causes, you will want a specialist that offers insurance restoration and restoration Atlanta. This type of restoration can cover all repairs of your home, including damage caused by wind, fire and water. If your home needs restoration Atlanta after a natural disaster or accident, there are few things you should consider before you hire a specialist to undertake all the restoration work. 1. Ensure you opt for an insurance restoration specialist who can offer and cover not just general contracting, but also fix smoke damage, perform carpet cleaning and all major and minor restoration and repairs. This way you will not have to deal with multiple contractors and will be saved the headache of organizing the restoration and repairs. The contractor should be able to assess the damage, work out the best possible way to do the repairs and then let you know what options you have. This will make your life easy and hassle-free, especially since you will already be quite stressed out and upset with the damage to your home. 2. Quality of work is equally important. When you are restoring your damaged home to its former glory, it is imperative that the restoration specialist has the know-how and expertise to carry out the repairs as per your specifications and these repairs should be done in such a manner that they make your home safe and sound without compromising on the quality of materials used. The specialist should have a keen eye for details and the outcome should be as good as you anticipated if not better. If necessary, ask the contractor to give you references, so that you can follow up on them. 3. The workers working for the restoration company should be insured and licensed. This is a requirement in the state of Georgia under the residential general contractor permit. Many leading restoration Atlanta companies today have insurances that cover both injuries to human beings and cover repair expenses if some part of the house is damaged during the restoration process. This will give you peace of mind knowing that any accidents or injuries during the restoration will be covered by the worker’s insurance. 4. There is no doubt the insurance restoration will be covered by your insurance, but you still need to understand what types of repairs and restoration will be undertaken. This means that the contractor should be honest and open with you and explain clearly what needs to be done. This will help you ensure that your insurance covers the restoration and you will not have the stress of paying for the work from your own pocket. After all, home restoration after an elemental or accidental damage will cost a packet and the last thing you need is using up all your savings or getting into debt for it. 5. The contractor you hire for undertaking restoration of your Atlanta home should be available round the clock. Be it elemental or accidental damage, it should be handled swiftly and promptly to prevent further damage to your home and belongings. When you have water or fire damage, your home will be wet and requires immediate drying to ensure that the foundation does not get affected. Furthermore, fire damage leaves behind soot that can cause further damage to your home and belongings. Likewise, wind damage exposes all or part of your home to the elements and this can cause more...

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