Should You Choose a Builder’s Complete Home Construction Plan or Design Your Own?

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One of the first questions you might ask yourself as you begin to plan the design of your new home is whether or not you want to start with a builder’s complete home complete home constructionconstruction plan or design your own.

Depending on what you’re looking for as well what you can afford in time and money, you can either work with a builder who carries a specialized library of home plans you can choose from and customize from there, or work with a builder who can create a one-of-a-kind home completely unique.

Most production builders have stock home plans that you can “semi-customize” in several areas. Many buyers then select their home with certain products in flooring, counter-tops, cabinetry and appliances, as well as choosing from additional building options.

However if you want to play a part in the complete home construction design, then talk with a builder who can create something completely unique and not from stock floor plans. If you want to select most of the building details in your complete home construction plan, then go with a custom builder.

That said, many custom builders also offer floor plans to start with as a foundational point and then work from there. The main difference between production and custom builders is a true custom home builder will be able to present options and choices a production builder is not capable of providing.

So what can you expect from working with the different approaches of a production or custom home builder? Check out this blueprint of the differences between production and custom home builders below.

Production home builders:

  • Offer a select range of floor plans and designs
  • Offer a menu of design and styles in a variety of product categories
  • Sell both home and land as a packaged deal
  • Can build homes for a variety of different incomes and experiences, from first-time to luxury buyers.
  • Can offer close to the same size home for less cost than a custom built home.custom home builders

One major aspect of a production builder’s strategy is choosing the land. Most large production home builders offer homes and plans in large suburbs and communities. This allows for the complete home construction process to be streamlined to an extent for greater efficiency, thus reducing the overall cost of building a home.

Many production builders also save on costs by purchasing building materials in bulk at lower prices. But this doesn’t mean they skimp on quality. Most high-quality production designers offer highly engineered and solid floor plans with all components designed to work seamlessly together, from heating and cooling systems to green and footprint reducing systems.

If you’re looking to live in a luxury home in a community that offers amenities such as fitness center, hiking trails, golf, swimming pool and more, then a production builder might be what you’re looking for.

Custom Home Builders:

  • Will work from a floor plan that you supply or help design a floor plan from scratch.
  • Will build your home on land that you choose and acquire.
  • Will often work in tandem with architects within a company that manages both design and construction.
  • Will involve you more in the whole building and decision making process.
  • Will allow you to choose any product you like rather than selecting from a menu.

Say you bought a beautiful piece of land that you want to build a luxury home on. This land can either be in an established neighborhood or somewhere out in the home constructioncountry. You have developed your own set of floor plans and you want to be involved in each and every step of your complete home construction process. Then a custom builder is the right choice.

With custom homes,  while budget is still an issue, expect to pay more for a custom home of the same size and style as a production model. And keep in mind that the actual cost depends on a wide variety of reasons from the size of the home to the design intricacies and products and materials you purchase.

And you don’t have to build a large, expensive home to work with a custom home builder. Many custom home designs are simple ranch style homes designed to fit your lifestyle.

If you’re looking to work with a custom builder, then a good place to start is to collect photos of homes you like and also to ask the custom builder to show you photos of homes they’ve built in the past.

So, the difference between whether or not you choose a complete home construction plan or design your own comes down to choices in how involved you want to be in developing the floor plan, choosing your materials and products and in the building process itself.

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