The 5 Steps To Make A Successful Home Insurance Claim

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Insurance claims are an unfortunate reality of being a homeowner. Most home owners wish to avoid making claims, but it Home Insurance Claimcan become pertinent in certain situations. Making a home insurance claim during one’s time of need becomes a necessity.  What should one do when looking to make a claim as soon as possible? This piece will discuss tips related to the process and what ensures the claim will be approved.

Take inventory

It is essential to be prepared prior to making contact with one’s insurance agency regarding a claim. Without having taken proper inventory, the chances of making a successful claim become slim to none. Attempt to assess what has been damaged and will require funding in order to be replaced and/or repaired. It is essential to be thorough with this process.

Attempt to make proper, fair estimates with all damages to the property. It is better to begin with expensive issues and work one’s way down from there. Insurance claims cannot be made without having a good eye over the type of damage that has been done.

It is better to take this inventory prior to the damage having been done. Many home owners will be seen taking photos and/or videos of their property. It is easier to access when the damage has been done.

Assess Damagehome owners insurance claim

If the home owner does not understand the level of damage that has been done, it is highly likely the insurance agency will lower the claim. As stated before, it is important to remain prepared and have everything documented in an appropriate manner.

Look over all the areas that have been damaged inside the house. This is the best place to begin when looking to figure out what king of damage has taken place. Attempt to pinpoint the amount of damage that has gone on in terms of value. Try to place a monetary figure on all the damages that will require compensation.

Do not look to replace and/or repair anything as a DIY project. This will result in the damage being undervalued or disregarded by the insurance agency. They have to see the actual damage with their own eyes in order to provide the appropriate assessment. If they see the repaired product, they will disregard the initial damage.

Understanding Coverage

Each contract signed with an insurance agency will have its own details laid out. This can be difficult to skim through during one’s time of need. Yet, it is important to stay on top of these details as it can be helpful when filing a claim and/or negotiating.

Many insurance agencies will want to assess the damage on their own and work from there. This is where it is important to understand the minute details found in the signed documents. If one is not prepared, the chances of being tricked into lesser compensation increases. No one wishes to be in such an unfortunate position.

  • Look for major details first (i.e., term, figures, how to make a claim)
  • Scour for minor facts about damage assessment
  • Ensure all details are updated and cover the exact accident that occurred

Immediate Contact

One of the biggest mistakes made during an insurance claim scenario revolves around home owners waiting around. It is important to make contact as quickly as possible with one’s insurance agency. They should understand when and how the damage has been made. They will provide the next course of action required in such a situation.

Hiding anything from the insurance agency lessens one’s chance of success. Always try to be honest and clear with the agency. This will ensure homeowners insuranceeverything goes through smoothly and as required. If one waits around, the chances of the damage subsiding increases and this will lead to lesser compensation.

Neutral Assessment

Of course, home owners want to receive compensation as quickly as possible. However, it is important to ensure all assessments take place in a cordial, professional manner. The insurance company has a process to send samples to a independent party to assess the value of all property damage to ensure fair, sufficient compensation is delivered. Be prepared for this part of the process and ensure everything is accounted for.

Concluding Thoughts

Making an insurance claim is not as difficult as it seems. If done appropriately, everything will go through as desired.

  • Have you ever been stuck in a situation where the insurance agency was unwilling to budge?
  • What steps did you take to alleviate the issue?
  • What is the biggest tip one can receive when it comes to dealing with an insurance agency?

Focus on taking inventory, assessing damage, and making immediate contact. Readers are welcome to share their personal experiences with insurance agencies.

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