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Atlanta Safety And Fire Restoration

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One of the most devastating moments for a homeowner is a fire, especially when most of the house is severely damaged and needs to be rebuilt immediately. This can be a very stressful, frustrating, and emotional time for anyone involved and means having to do repairs or an entire rebuild of your home. This is even true for local homeowners in the Atlanta area. However, there are ways any homeowner, even in Atlanta, can pick themselves up right after a tragic accident such as this and that is through Atlanta fire restoration with an experienced and highly professional home building and restoration company. After the intense stress of an accident such as a house fire, trying to find the right kind of builder might feel like it should be the last thing you’re thinking about. But, the best thing to do in this sort of situation is to start rebuilding both your life and your home. Though this does mean dealing with insurance companies, it also means a faster recovery and a new home to call yours once again. Even if the home is only partially damaged, your family still needs to make plans for immediate restorations. Why is there such a emphasis on rebuilding after a home fire? Here are some reasons outlined below. Quicker Claims For Insurance You want to make sure the accident is filed as quickly as possible to make sure that the rebuilding and restoration process goes a lot smoother for your family. The last thing you want to deal with is a slow or unresponsive insurance company after waiting to tell them about the damages to your home. Instead, getting it processed as soon as possible is the best choice for Atlanta fire restoration services to begin building your home anew. An Opportunity To Remodel There are many reasons why a fire can start in a home, unfortunately. Some of the most common is usually older electrical wiring or building techniques that become fire hazards in the future. When the fire happens and the home is damaged, this is an opportunity to update to newer building specifications as well as having the opportunity to remodel your home. An Atlanta building company that specializes in remodeling after such accidents can certainly help with this to ensure you can realize your vision. Safer Standards Installed Once the remodeling process can start, there is going to be an emphasis on installing safer standards such as brand new fire alarms, smoke detectors, and other such installations so your home is safer against fires. Atlanta fire restoration is more than just getting something fixed, it is creating a new safety net for your family so they can get back to their lives and not have to worry about another accident. On top of all these benefits with fire restoration and remodeling, there is also the added benefit of working with an Atlanta company that has several decades of experience in helping families return to a normal life and not have to worry about the stress of a house fire. Using only the finest building materials and being able to work with most major insurance companies, Southern Home Builders are known for their attention to detail when it comes to Atlanta fire restoration. Why is it important to work with only the best in the industry? Here are some reasons to consider for your home restoration needs: You’re going to be working with highly experienced and very talented professionals who understand the importance of rebuilding and restoring a home after a fire. They understand that clients are going to...

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Should You Choose a Builder’s Complete Home Construction Plan or Design Your Own?

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One of the first questions you might ask yourself as you begin to plan the design of your new home is whether or not you want to start with a builder’s complete home construction plan or design your own. Depending on what you’re looking for as well what you can afford in time and money, you can either work with a builder who carries a specialized library of home plans you can choose from and customize from there, or work with a builder who can create a one-of-a-kind home completely unique. Most production builders have stock home plans that you can “semi-customize” in several areas. Many buyers then select their home with certain products in flooring, counter-tops, cabinetry and appliances, as well as choosing from additional building options. However if you want to play a part in the complete home construction design, then talk with a builder who can create something completely unique and not from stock floor plans. If you want to select most of the building details in your complete home construction plan, then go with a custom builder. That said, many custom builders also offer floor plans to start with as a foundational point and then work from there. The main difference between production and custom builders is a true custom home builder will be able to present options and choices a production builder is not capable of providing. So what can you expect from working with the different approaches of a production or custom home builder? Check out this blueprint of the differences between production and custom home builders below. Production home builders: Offer a select range of floor plans and designs Offer a menu of design and styles in a variety of product categories Sell both home and land as a packaged deal Can build homes for a variety of different incomes and experiences, from first-time to luxury buyers. Can offer close to the same size home for less cost than a custom built home. One major aspect of a production builder’s strategy is choosing the land. Most large production home builders offer homes and plans in large suburbs and communities. This allows for the complete home construction process to be streamlined to an extent for greater efficiency, thus reducing the overall cost of building a home. Many production builders also save on costs by purchasing building materials in bulk at lower prices. But this doesn’t mean they skimp on quality. Most high-quality production designers offer highly engineered and solid floor plans with all components designed to work seamlessly together, from heating and cooling systems to green and footprint reducing systems. If you’re looking to live in a luxury home in a community that offers amenities such as fitness center, hiking trails, golf, swimming pool and more, then a production builder might be what you’re looking for. Custom Home Builders: Will work from a floor plan that you supply or help design a floor plan from scratch. Will build your home on land that you choose and acquire. Will often work in tandem with architects within a company that manages both design and construction. Will involve you more in the whole building and decision making process. Will allow you to choose any product you like rather than selecting from a menu. Say you bought a beautiful piece of land that you want to build a luxury home on. This land can either be in an established neighborhood or somewhere out in the country. You have developed your own set of floor plans and you want to be involved in each and every step of...

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Tips To Prepare For Water Damage In Roswell And Alpharetta

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No one likes to deal with water damage, and although it would be nice to believe that water damage only happens in areas that deal with floods, that is simply not true. Water supply lines can break, drains can clog, and faucets can be left on accidentally. In fact, flooding is one of more rare cases of water damage in houses on a yearly basis. While flooding can cause some of the most widespread damage and garner most of the news attention, water damage to homes costs homeowners billions of dollars annually. Luckily there are plenty of steps that any homeowner can take to help minimize any damage that can occur when the worst happens. One of the first and easiest steps is to have a yearly plumbing inspection. Even though this is like visiting the dentist once a year where you can still get cavities in between visits, a plumbing inspector can help spot potential problem areas and fix problems before they become a disaster. When looking to prevent water damage both Roswell and Alpharetta have excellent plumbers that can inspect your plumbing. Since most people are not plumbers and it is impossible to be everywhere that a problem can occur, most have turned to nifty water alarm systems to alert them to a leak before it spreads and costs thousands of dollars. These systems usually lie on the floor near an appliance that handles lots of water such as a hot water heater or a washing machine. Using a nine volt battery and two contact points that sets off an alarm when the conductivity between the two points decreases due to water. There are also multiple zone alarms that require wire or other detection devices to be laid around the perimeter of a room, or in different patterns under the floors of a room. These devices are much more expensive, not only because of the construction cost, but also because the systems themselves require more technology. Automatic shut off systems are another excellent preventative measure against water damage. Water damage companies and contractors in Roswell and Alpharetta can install these systems that work a little  like the alarm systems with one huge bonus, they stop the water when they sense water. These systems, unfortunately for some home owners, are not the kind of thing that can be installed by anyone other than a licensed professional, and while costly, water damaged Roswell and Alpharetta homeowners would be faced with is mostly negated. The downsides to these costly systems, besides their cost, is that they require many sensors, the sensors do not always detect the slow leaks that can still do plenty of damage, and even moisture can trigger the system to shut down. Along with those downsides, some of the sensors monitor water flow over time in such a way that using large amounts of water to do things such as water a garden or fill a swimming pool can trigger a system shut down. Remote alarm systems might be one of the best preventative systems for water damage Roswell and Alpharetta homeowners can install. Not only are they more cost effective than automatic shut off systems or zone alarms, but many also have the ability to automatically report a leak can help save time and money when your water pipes start to leak. Again, these alarms are not 100% reliable as they may trigger their alarm if there is excessive moisture or they might not trip the alarm if there is a small leak. It is all about positioning and having a professional help is one more...

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Atlanta Dream House Builders = Happy Home Owners

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Being able to successfully realize the type of home you want for you and your family is going to take time and patience, but it is certainly attainable. If you want a formal dining room with a gorgeous chandelier or vaulted foyer with a picturesque staircase then you will want to work closely with a custom home building company known for its expertise and professionalism in the industry. If you want your dream home to become a reality in the Atlanta area, don’t settle for just anyone. Only strive for the best dream house builders and here’s why. All the necessary knowledge & expertise There are home building companies in the Atlanta area that just know how to build dream homes because they understand the time, effort, attention to detail, and professionalism that is required. Such a company is Southern Home Builders, who have been building luxurious and gorgeous dream homes for two decades and have all the necessary knowledge and expertise to make it happen for you, too. Never settle for anything less when it comes to expert knowledge because it’s going to become handy when the building actually begins and you want to see your ideas realized. Every step is taken care of There are a lot of preliminary steps before a house can be built, such as talking with insurance agencies, finding highly qualified tradespeople and other work and so on. Rather than having to deal with all of that yourself, a dream house builder can ensure all of the steps are taken care of and won’t hinder the rest of the construction of your dream house. From design to putting down the foundation to initial building and finally handing over the key to you, all of it can be and will be taken care of by your builder. Expert opinions on design Sometimes we have a basic concept of what our dream house will be like, but may need help to fill in the rest to create something truly inviting and unique. Fortunately, a qualified dream house builder will have the expert opinions to provide you when you may need some guidance on your home’s construction. Should you go with the bigger master bathroom or walk-in closet? How about a sprawling kitchen for those dinner parties? If you have any questions about the design process, don’t hesitate to ask because you’re going to get detailed and well thought out answers. This is your ideal home, after all. Striving for happy homeowners It may sound a bit cheesy, but it’s true and can be said of most dream home builders–they always want to make the homeowner happy with the end result. This is why so much care and time is put into designing and preliminary planning as well as the actual construction process itself. Everything needs to be up to your standards and ultimately make you happy to have your dream home realized. You should be elated to have your home completed and ready to live in and that’s always the goal of the home building company. Doesn’t all of that sound better than just picking a home building company at random and letting them build the home you’ve wanted for so long? Rather than thinking every home building company is operated the same way, always aim high and be able to get only the most experienced and professional builders to work on your dream house. That way, you will know there will be an extreme attention to detail, making sure every step is seamless, and ensure that you’re very happy with the results. Home building...

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Top 5 Questions To Ask Your Atlanta Home Remodelers

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It can be a stressful decision to begin remodeling your home. Why pay a professional to basically tear down your walls with the hopes of having a newer, better space? While a remodel can feel risky, you can make smart decisions by asking professional Atlanta home remodelers questions and communicate ideas and issues clearly. A professional home remodeler will understand just how to execute your renovation after discussing your ideas as well as your hesitations. But where to start? How do you know what to focus on when talking with an Atlanta home remodeler? Here are five specific important questions to start with in an interview with a home remodeling contractor: 1. How many years have you been renovating in Atlanta? A reputable Atlanta remodeler will have built relationships with both customers and clients who are highly satisfied as well as trade partners and connections that allow him to partner with whoever he needs to get the work done efficiently and at the lowest price. 2. Do you have references? The best way to find out if an Atlanta remodeler is for you is to look at his remodels and renovations. Get a list of references and ask if you can visit the homes of some of his past clients. After talking with him on what you are thinking about doing to your home, he will point you in the direction of homes he thinks you’d like to look at. 3. Have you ever been sued by a former client or filed for bankruptcy? Since you are handing over the safety of not just your home but also everyone living in it to an Atlanta home remodeler, it’s a good idea to make sure he has a clean record and an exemplary reputation built on integrity and trust. Make sure you can feel confident that your home remodeling contractor is bringing in highly skilled and screened employees to work inside your home. And it’s ok to ask how he will handle the financing of your project to be sure has the proper capital to support all of your needs and ideas without financial issues mistakes. 4. Can you take me to a project the job foreman is currently running? Many Atlanta home remodelers aren’t the actual guys pounding nails. They work on administrative stuff while hiring quality workers to do the actual building. That’s why it is crucial you meet and talk with the job foreman before moving further in the hiring process to be sure he is an effective communicator as well as assuring yourself he is the right person to manage your project. And if the Atlanta remodeler is acting as the job foreman, be sure to ask how often he’ll be at your house during the renovation project. 5. Can you itemize your bid? If a contractor gives you a single price that covers all the work, you are still in the dark about what exactly they are charging for all aspects of the job, from the labor to materials and tools. And although it’s an estimate, itemizing can also help you know and document how the numbers change in the midst of the job if you change your mind on how you want to remodel your kitchen. It’s not an issue to provide clients with itemized bids since it’s something the contractor has to do anyway. It’s also a good idea to ask them to show you their license and insurance. Too many contractors in the industry of home renovation do not hold the proper licensing and insurance, which can mean big trouble on bank...

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How To Choose A Water Damage Restoration Company In Atlanta

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Water is a very destructive force in a home. It can cause problems when it comes in from the outside due to heavy rains that cannot drain away or  a leaking pool. Water can damage from the inside  when it bursts out of its pipes from a washing machine, dishwasher or a hot water heater. Back ups from the sewage system can also cause large damages. No matter how the problem got there you need to make the right decision in contracting with a water damage company in Atlanta. When a home floods from a body of water or from an internal source it brings with it everything it has picked up on the way to your house or bacteria that might be present as a result of a toilet or sewer overflow or breakage. Mud, trash and “brown water” are just three of the things it could be carrying along. Most of the times can see those. In the water are all kinds of germs and microorganisms that do not belong in your home. This water seeps into every part of the home it touches. The floors, walls, carpet, furniture and cabinets. Everything will need to be replaced or cleaned. When looking for a water damage company in Atlanta you need to look at several things before you make a decision of who to use. This is your home and you want it back the way it was. You need to work with a company that can give you your home back and handle the all the details involved in a timely manner. Consider the following items when deciding of a water damage company in Atlanta: One of the first things you will need to understand is your insurance in this situation. Are you covered and for how much? Next you will need to find a  company that will work with your insurance company. Many times, your insurance company will provide you with a referral or a reputable company that provides you with referrals. When the flood happens a professional who understands how devastating water can be can assess the damage for you. They should be willing to work with your insurance company in determining how much of the home has been damaged and how much it will take to get it back into shape. With the help of a professional all the damage can be shown to the insurance company up front. Any company you work with should be license and insured in the state of Georgia. These professionals work under a residential general contractor permit. Get references from the company and check them out with the Better Business Bureau. When having a home restored from water damage you really need to be able to trust the company you are working with. Be sure to choose a company that has the best credentials and references. Another thing to look for in a water damage company in Atlanta is that they can respond to you no matter what time of day it is or what day of the week.  When damage happens you need someone you can call on immediately. It always seems as though these emergencies happen in the middle of the night. You should be able to reach someone right away who can help you with your problem. One of the biggest concerns for any homeowner after water damage is the mold issue. A good water damage company in Atlanta will know and understand how mold grows,  how dangerous it can be and how to mitigate it. If the moisture is to high in a wall that looks undamaged, mold...

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The 5 Steps To Make A Successful Home Insurance Claim

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Insurance claims are an unfortunate reality of being a homeowner. Most home owners wish to avoid making claims, but it can become pertinent in certain situations. Making a home insurance claim during one’s time of need becomes a necessity.  What should one do when looking to make a claim as soon as possible? This piece will discuss tips related to the process and what ensures the claim will be approved. Take inventory It is essential to be prepared prior to making contact with one’s insurance agency regarding a claim. Without having taken proper inventory, the chances of making a successful claim become slim to none. Attempt to assess what has been damaged and will require funding in order to be replaced and/or repaired. It is essential to be thorough with this process. Attempt to make proper, fair estimates with all damages to the property. It is better to begin with expensive issues and work one’s way down from there. Insurance claims cannot be made without having a good eye over the type of damage that has been done. It is better to take this inventory prior to the damage having been done. Many home owners will be seen taking photos and/or videos of their property. It is easier to access when the damage has been done. Assess Damage If the home owner does not understand the level of damage that has been done, it is highly likely the insurance agency will lower the claim. As stated before, it is important to remain prepared and have everything documented in an appropriate manner. Look over all the areas that have been damaged inside the house. This is the best place to begin when looking to figure out what king of damage has taken place. Attempt to pinpoint the amount of damage that has gone on in terms of value. Try to place a monetary figure on all the damages that will require compensation. Do not look to replace and/or repair anything as a DIY project. This will result in the damage being undervalued or disregarded by the insurance agency. They have to see the actual damage with their own eyes in order to provide the appropriate assessment. If they see the repaired product, they will disregard the initial damage. Understanding Coverage Each contract signed with an insurance agency will have its own details laid out. This can be difficult to skim through during one’s time of need. Yet, it is important to stay on top of these details as it can be helpful when filing a claim and/or negotiating. Many insurance agencies will want to assess the damage on their own and work from there. This is where it is important to understand the minute details found in the signed documents. If one is not prepared, the chances of being tricked into lesser compensation increases. No one wishes to be in such an unfortunate position. Look for major details first (i.e., term, figures, how to make a claim) Scour for minor facts about damage assessment Ensure all details are updated and cover the exact accident that occurred Immediate Contact One of the biggest mistakes made during an insurance claim scenario revolves around home owners waiting around. It is important to make contact as quickly as possible with one’s insurance agency. They should understand when and how the damage has been made. They will provide the next course of action required in such a situation. Hiding anything from the insurance agency lessens one’s chance of success. Always try to be honest and clear with the agency. This will ensure everything goes through...

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Top 5 Atlanta Custom Home Remodeling Trends

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Home remodeling is the best opportunity to start fresh and build up to your dream house with your current home. Thousands of homeowners each year create a custom home remodeling project alongside a professional remodeling company to bring all of their ideas into reality, but there are some that have become highly popular throughout 2013 and will probably continue to be very trendy in the next coming years. What are these top home remodeling projects that you should consider for your own home? Read on for the top five, especially when it comes to glamorous Atlanta homes and their remodeling projects. 1. Kitchen Cabinets & Countertops If your kitchen has been feeling a little drab lately, this is the perfect time to turn it up a notch and remodel the kitchen cabinets and counter-tops into something modern, chic, and trendy. Most homeowners are looking for simple fixtures and finishes when it comes to kitchen cabinets because of how easy they are to maintain and still provide great decor. Then, there are the counter-tops. Granite is still very popular but there also has been a shift toward quartz countertops because of how strong and sturdy it can be without losing its luster. 2. All New Colors When it comes to custom home remodeling, color is especially important. When installing fixtures, putting up walls, and other things part of the remodeling process, you’re going to want to find the perfect color that speaks to you and your home decor. One of the most on-trend colors for 2013 and beyond is actually a charcoal gray because of how versatile it is. Charcoal and shades of gray can be used for a modern look, to create a dramatic effect, or even as an inviting color when paired with green. Although, it could also be because of a certain best selling romance novel. In any case, gray is popping up all over the place throughout custom home remodels. 3. LED Lighting It’s continuing to illuminate many homes and will continue to be an on-going trend in 2013 and in the future. Since traditional lighting fixtures are beginning to become obsolete, it means that LED will be replacing it because of much longer it lasts, lower electricity costs, and most of these types of fixtures are environmentally friendly. And they are popping up in more than just outdoor or kitchen lighting, they are also lighting up dining rooms, bedrooms, and living rooms. Hanging chandeliers, spotlights, bathroom fixtures, and of course kitchen fixtures are all being replaced with LED lighting. 4. Generational Homes With so many Baby Boomers starting to retire as well as more and more adult-aged children staying at home while finding a job, this means the trend of multi-generational homes are starting to grow in the United States. This also means custom home remodeling trends point to homes being remodeled to fit these needs, such as including mother-in-law suits or extra additions to the house as better accommodation. Also, homes are being remodeled so older homeowners can stay in their homes longer without having to move into a retirement community. 5. Bathroom Counter-tops Regular porcelain white counter-tops are starting to dwindle and the rise of beige, gray, and marbleized counter-tops in custom home remodeling bathrooms are beginning to rise–especially now in 2013. Any home owner deserves a gorgeous master bathroom and the best way to give your bathroom a majorly updated look that is very on trend and stylish is through the counters. This is also true for the shower walls and bathtubs themselves, as it is good for everything to match one...

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3 Steps To Find The Best Southern Home Builders in Georgia

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Finding the best when it comes to a home builder Atlanta GA company means knowing the kinds of things you need to look for. Things such as certifications, national awards, their completed work and so much more should account for the custom home builder you decide to work with, especially since this is going to be the home of your dreams and needs to be built with the utmost care, perfection, and professionalism that Atlanta can provide. In fact, there are three steps that you can do right now so you know you’re only working with the best of the best. 1. Research First Building your own home is going to take a lot of initial research and planning. Then, you have to add on the research you should be doing to find the perfect fit when it comes to a custom home construction building company. When you know you have an idea of what you want your home to look like, it is time to see what is available in terms of custom home builders. The Atlanta area is booming with all sorts of custom home companies, but you should still do your own research. You will want to find a home builder Atlanta GA company that fits into certain criteria for the best and most professional results. For example, here are three to always consider: Experience. Would you rather work with a highly experienced custom home building company or one that hasn’t had much experience in building custom homes for clients in the Atlanta area? When it comes to your dream home, side with the experienced Atlanta home builder, such as a company that has been in the business for well over 25 years. This is because a company with experience in the area, such as Southern Home Builders Company, is going to have a positive reputation with the community as well as happy clients throughout the city. A tradition of home building. If it happens to be a family-owned business that upholds tradition, then you’re in even better shape. Home building among a family-owned business will mean happier workers and better work. The Amico family helped make Southern Home Builders into an a in the Atlanta area and still continues to uphold that tradition, as an example of tradition over simply working with the first custom home building company you find. Great value. Don’t overspend on the overall project, especially when there are so many great values out there that don’t sacrifice on quality. You can find a company that offers reasonable prices and will still have a high attention to detail down to the last little part of your home. There are deals that can be struck because of a company’s clout in the area and being able to pass on savings to their clients. A home builder Atlanta GA team is going to be able to meet all of these criteria and more, all it takes is doing that initial research and finding the one that you think will be the right fit for your home project. Once you do have a home builder in mind, it’s time to reach out and get a little more insight on their work. 2. Check Their Work Practically any custom home building company is going to have a website, especially when it comes to a custom home builder Atlanta GA business. While you’re researching for a custom home building company in the area, always check their work on their website. Any company is going to be proud of their finished work and will want to show it...

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How To Find A Luxury Home Builder In The Greater Atlanta Area

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Your custom built house is one of the most critical investments you’ll ever make, not just monetarily, but personally. Wouldn’t you like to live in a luxury home that you helped design?  And if you worked closely with professional greater Atlanta home builders every step of the way, your custom built home would really be your own, with your own personal aesthetic style and flair. Finding a luxury home builder in the greater Atlanta area isn’t hard – but finding the right one who will communicate with you just the way you want can be tricky. The right custom home builder can talk with you about design ideas as well as finances and other items you need to know to get started.  If you’re interested in building your luxury home in the greater Atlanta area, here are some tips to help you get started. Create a list of greater Atlanta home builders in your area Talk to a nearby resident in the neighborhood of a home you like and ask them who they used. Referrals from people with homes you admire, as well as friends and relatives are a great place to start finding just the right greater Atlanta home builder for your needs and desires. Check out the home builders’ association in the greater Atlanta area for a list of home builders who are experienced at building luxury homes in your area. Check out local material warehouses that sell wood, brick, and other items that professional construction contractors and builders use. Many of these warehouses collect lists of home builders in the greater Atlanta area that can help you find someone qualified to do the job you need. The real estate section of your local newspapers and magazines can give you not only an idea of what kind of homes you like but also what greater Atlanta home builder is active in your area. Home building and design articles are a great way to amass a list of custom home building contractors who are currently working on homes that you admire. Real estate agents in the greater Atlanta area can also be a great resource. Have they dealt with builders directly or do they know of customers who have dealt with particular home builders on a house that you see for sale? Another fun way to check out both homes you like and find references for builders is to take a Saturday drive through neighborhoods you like. You might find someone washing their car or clipping their hedge. You can introduce yourself and tell them you are considering having a home built on some property nearby. People like to talk about their homes. Ask them if they’re happy with their home, or if they’ve had any major issues. Before long, you’ll be in deep conversation about detailed aspects of a home you admire right from the owner! You’ll find that homeowners are more than willing to give you information of builders they worked with. Make sure you have a notebook and pen handy to write down information. Now it’s time to do the research Now you’ve collected a list of greater Atlanta home builders, it’s time to do some footwork to make narrow down your choices. The first step is to check out the homes they’ve worked on and see if they’re up to your standards and tastes. You don’t want to waste time checking references before knowing just what quality of workmanship the home builder can offer. A good home builder will provide you with a list of homes with their addresses and even the names of...

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