Hire A Water Damage Restoration Specialist After A Home Flood

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A flood has a way of damaging a lot more than carpeting, drywall and underlying structure – it affects your peace of mind as well. You’re coping with a lot: assessing water damage restorationthe loss of personal belongings, worrying about potential long-term effects – even struggling with insurance company representatives. Water flood damage is overwhelming, but repairing its aftermath doesn’t need to be with the right restoration specialist by your side. For more than 15 years, Southern Home Builders has been helping homeowners get their house – and their life – back in order. Here’s how:

We Know Where To Start

You weren’t expecting a flood to invade your home and damage it, but don’t worry – we were prepared for it long before the storm ever arrived. Rather than fighting over necessary products with other flooded homeowners at local stores, you can rely on our company when disaster strikes. We have the drying equipment and replacement materials to get started on your home right away. Our restoration professionals will get the more involved components, such as carpet drying, started first so we can begin “setting back the clock” to pre-flood conditions as soon as our team arrives. When you call our company, we’re ready to handle the water flood damage so that you can focus on more important matters, such as your family or recovering damaged belongings.

Your Safety Is Our Priority

During flood damage restoration, covering up or ignoring problem areas can produce ongoing issues such as mold and mildew. While this may only present an unpleasant musty smell on the surface, it can cause issues ranging from allergy headaches to potentially harmful illnesses fromflood water damage mold inhalation. When you call Southern Home Builders to repair your house after a flood, you can rest assured that our commitment to quality will keep your family safe, both today and many months later. Our dedicated crew will eradicate the sources of mold and mildew in the process of removing every aspect of the flood from your home. We know that a truly restored home doesn’t just look good, it’s also safe to live in and enjoy.

We Know Your Area

All restoration companies are not created equal, especially when it comes to location. The weather, ground conditions and climate in Georgia present a series of challenges that out-of-state teams may be unfamiliar with. We live and work in Georgia; that familiarity allows us to construct a solid timeline for restoration projects that prioritizes issues that could grow worse in Georgia’s warm climate. Relying on a company that isn’t prepared for balmy weather or location-based concerns could leave you with a sub-par repair, so don’t risk the well-being of your family and home: trust our company to help. We know what to expect, inside your walls and outside of them too.

We’re More Than Restoration

Southern Home Builders also offers new home building and remodeling services – a diversified family of services that translate to superior results. Our understanding of new home construction means that we approach each restoration job as a renewal, not a “cover up.” These services also give you considerably more flexibility when deciding what to do after a flood; while we excel at flood damage eradication and repair, we are also able to turn a bad situation into a great opportunity by remodeling an affected home during the water flood damage cleanup process. If you’d like to know what your options are for improving your home beyond post-flood Water Damage Restoration Specialistrestoration, talk to one of our representatives about your vision and particular requirements.

Nothing Less Than Perfection

“Good enough” simply isn’t a phrase in our vocabulary when it comes to our work. Our team prides itself on a perfectionist attitude, working diligently to ensure that your home is returned to its rightful condition. Over 30 years of tradition follows each square foot of replaced flooring or new drywall, and we proudly stand behind our work and commitment to excellence. From reliable, efficient work to talking with claims adjusters and insurance policies on your behalf, we’re the whole-home restoration solution you need to get your life back on track after a flood. We’ve helped guide homeowners through the restoration process for over three decades, and we’d be happy to add you to our roster of pleased customers.

Water flood damage may happen quickly, but restoration efforts can as well. When water has turned your life upside-down and left you feeling helpless, Southern Home Builders can give you your home back. Don’t spend another minute letting the scope of the project overwhelm you – call us today and find out how easy it is to get flood water out and peace back in your home.

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