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Home Remodeling To Create The Home Of Your Dreams

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Not everyone can afford to buy or build their dream home, but that does not mean that it is not an attainable thing for you. You can easily buy a home that needs some tender loving care and remodel it in order to create your dream home. Remodeling might seem like a daunting experience, but with a trusted remodeling company with tons of experience, you can feel safe in knowing that you are in good hands. The Southern Homes & Restoration Group is one of the best contractor companies for home renovations in Atlanta, and they prove it on a daily basis with their experienced contractors and crews. When it comes to a large scale remodel to create your dream home, you can trust trust them to tear apart your house and remodel it to make the home that you have always wanted. A home remodel requires plenty of thought, a good plan, and a whole lot of patience. When you begin planning your remodel, one of the first things that you want to do is come up with a good plan of attack for the rooms that you want re-done. A remodel can be a lengthy process where you move from room to room, based on your budget, until you have completely remodeled your house, or you can go in one fell swoop and redo you whole house at once. Either way, working with an excellent team will help your remodel look like a cohesive unit once it is done. There is nothing like a room by room remodel that has no flow or cohesion. Any good designer will help take your ideas and make them into a real, working home. When you sit down with your contractor and design team, they will work with you to bring your ideas, personalities, and desires for your home into their design. Because they are professionals, they will take everything that you need or want or dream of and try their best to put all of that into their design and eventual remodel, but you understanding that not all of your ideas will fit into your remodel will go a long way in reducing your stress level. Your dream home remodel will not come without a headache or two, but when you understand that the designers and contractors are working for you and with you to make your dreams a reality, you will be able to relax in the knowledge that the professionals that you hired are doing an amazing job. Whether you want to take down some walls in your home to make an open floor plan, or renovate a kitchen that is out of date, or you want to make an addition for your growing family, you can trust one of the best teams in home renovations in Atlanta to work with you and make your house into a dream home. With an attention to detail that is unrivaled, and over 20 years of experience, Southern Homes & Restoration Group is a team with the knowledge and skill to get the job done right the first time and cost effectively to stay within your budget. With so much time int he industry, they know the right contractors for any job and with that knowledge, they will exceed your expectations without exceeding your budget. There is nothing worse than getting into a project past the point of no return and then finding out that there are all sorts of hidden costs and problems that will exceed your budget. Home renovations in Atlanta happen all the time, but working with a...

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What You Need To Know In Order To Repair Fire Damage

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After a house fire, your home could require a great deal of cleanup in order to fully restore it to a livable condition. It isn’t easy to repair fire damage, as it requires a great deal of time and attention to detail in order to perform this task properly.  Below are some steps that you may want to consider as part of an overall home restoration repair: Ventilate The first thing to do when you repair fire damage is ventilate your home. Open all your doors and windows and place fans in strategic areas to help push smoke and stale air out. Turn off your heating and air conditioning unit, as this only helps to spread smoke further. If possible, try to let your house air out for a few hours before going in to do any cleanup work. Protect Yourself When you repair fire damage, it’s essential to wear the right equipment. Use an approved mask or ventilator to help you avoid breathing in smoke. You also need rubber gloves that reach to your elbow to protect you from coming in contact with mold. If parts of your house are unstable, it can also be a good idea to wear a hard hat to protect yourself from falling debris. Discard Begin by going in and discarding any items that are completely destroyed or have heavy smoke damage, as this will make it easier to clean the rest of your home. If your carpets have water damage, these will likely need to be removed as well. Take down any wallpaper that appears moldy and dispose of it before cleaning and painting your walls. Top to Bottom Beginning with your ceiling, scrub all surfaces with a solution of mild detergent and water. Take care to change your water often in order to avoid smearing soot around. Wipe down all hard surfaces with a solution of vinegar and water.  This may need to be repeated several times in order to completely remove all residue. Clothing, Drapes and Linens All clothing, bedding, drapes and towels should be thoroughly washed in a washing machine using the hottest water setting possible. Extremely damaged items may require multiple washings in order to completely get rid of smoke. If possible, these items should be hung on a clothesline to dry rather than being placed inside a dryer. While you are waiting for these things to dry, wipe down the inside of dresser drawers and closets and vacuum or steam clean your mattress so that they will not become contaminated again once you put them back where they belong. Furniture To repair fire damage to furniture, wipe down any hard surfaces with the same vinegar and water solution you used to clean your walls and ceilings. For upholstered furniture, use a hand-held shampooer to thoroughly clean each piece. Don’t forget to remove cushions from chairs in order to clean both sides of them.  If possible, take your furniture outside to dry, as this will also help to remove any odors that have become embedded. Electronics Do not disassemble electronic devices in order to repair fire damage. Instead, use a can of compressed air to gently blow out any residue that’s inside them. If this does not help, you may need to take your items to a repair shop in order to have them disassembled and cleaned properly. Kitchen and Pantry Go through your pantry and throw away any food items that were partially opened when your fire broke out; this includes pet food as well. Remove the rest of your food from the pantry and wipe it...

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6 Essential Tips On Finding New Home Construction In Atlanta

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Atlanta is currently booming with new home construction, allowing for families to pick and choose the home of their dreams easily with the help of new home building companies. However, if you and your family are looking to complete a new home project then you need to know the essentials of finding the right kind of new home builders. That way, you don’t have to pay too much and get a mediocre job out of the deal. In fact, there are six major points that anyone interested in new home construction need to know about before starting their new home of their dreams. You can find all six essentials down below. 1. Licensed Builders Because of this boom in building, new home construction Atlanta builders are in great demand. But before you decide on the home building company that seems like a great deal compared to the rest of the competition, you must first find out if everyone working for the company are properly licensed. If they aren’t licensed, then you’re going to have the high risk of sub-par building that could mean thousands of dollars in fines and repairs later on. For something like your brand new home, you want to go with the best in terms of building, customer satisfaction, and professionalism. New home construction Atlanta companies can be found all over the place, but you need to be able to find the best of the best when it comes to new home construction–don’t settle for anything less. 2. A To Z Planning You want to make sure that your new home builders are there from the beginning and all the way to the end. Otherwise, you might have an incomplete project that will take longer to finish. There are builders out there who will simply estimate out the costs and do the project with very little communication between you and them. Rather than being in the dark when it comes to your brand new home, you should have open communication with your builder as well as transparency when it comes to all the planning. Your builder should be there when it comes to the ideal site location, blue prints, estimated cost, building, and even when it comes to interior services. 3. Strong Portfolio of New Homes Practically any new home construction Atlanta building company is going to have a website, and with that, their online portfolio of finished homes. When you start researching for the right builder, always look out for the builders’ finished projects and see the type of detail and expertise they can bring to the table. If the selection doesn’t initially wow you then don’t be afraid to look elsewhere. Keep in mind that there are some gorgeous homes out there built by new home builders which can be easily found online. 4. Awards For Excellence On top of a strong portfolio that goes above and beyond when it comes to new home construction Atlanta, you should also check out if the building company you’re interested in has won any awards. While this doesn’t have to be the ultimate deal breaker, it can certainly be a litmus test of which builders are putting all of their efforts into building quality housing compared to others. Builders are going to be rewarded for their excellence and of course they will want to show those awards off on their website. So, while you’re checking out different galleries of finished houses, make sure you also check to see if the building companies have won any awards. 5. Knowledgeable Builders This might be obvious when it comes to...

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Fire Damage Can Be Properly Repaired, If You Find Right Restoration Service

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It is hard to over estimate the amount of devastation that a fire at your home or business can cause. In the immediate aftermath of such an event, how you are going to rebuild may be the furthest thing from your mind. The pain of seeing everything you care about quite literally go up in smoke may make it difficult for you to focus on the steps you need to take to begin to repair fire damage. It is important that you find a way to focus your energy on what can be done instead of letting the feelings of helplessness and loss overwhelm you. Keep in mind that often it is possible to repair much of the damage done by fire, smoke and water and the more quickly the process begins the better the chances of a successful outcome. The first step you need to take is to call your insurance company. They need to be made aware of the situation and will schedule a time to send their appraisers out to survey the damage. They will likely have restoration companies that they will refer you to, but you are not obligated to use those companies. Just make sure that whatever company you choose is approved by your insurance company or they may delay the claim or not pay it at all. Like any major renovation project, it is best to take the time to do a bit of research before you decide which company to hire. How do you go about choosing the right business to help you rebuild or repair fire damage? Check Them Out It is important to get the work started as soon as possible, but take the time to look into any restoration business you are considering. Make sure that they are insured and licensed to work in the state your property is located in. Ask for the names and contact information of recent clients and take the time to contact them to ask how they felt about the work that was done. Find out how long they have been in business. A company with a long history is usually a safer bet than a new one. Ask about the fire damage repair experience of the people who will actually be doing the work. Are They Specialists? The clean up and repair of a fire damaged building is different than any other kind of renovation or repair. There are specific steps that must be taken in order to ensure that no further damage is done to your property. The restoration company you choose must be able to deal with damage from water, smoke and fire, each of which requires different procedures, tools and techniques to complete successfully. For this reason it may be best to choose a company that specializes in fire damage. By choosing specialists you can be sure that they have devoted themselves to understanding the importance of proper drying techniques to prevent the growth of mold and mildew, which can lead to further damage. That they know how to remove soot and odor from the building and anything salvageable from inside it, and that they know how to properly assess the soundness of the parts of the structure that remain. Are They Insurance Friendly? Any restoration company, particularly those that repair fire damage, should be familiar with the hoops that the insurance company is likely to ask them to jump through. For your peace of mind you may want to find a company that has staff whose primary function is to interact with the insurance companies. These claims specialists understand the...

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Hire A Water Damage Restoration Specialist After A Home Flood

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A flood has a way of damaging a lot more than carpeting, drywall and underlying structure – it affects your peace of mind as well. You’re coping with a lot: assessing the loss of personal belongings, worrying about potential long-term effects – even struggling with insurance company representatives. Water flood damage is overwhelming, but repairing its aftermath doesn’t need to be with the right restoration specialist by your side. For more than 15 years, Southern Home Builders has been helping homeowners get their house – and their life – back in order. Here’s how: We Know Where To Start You weren’t expecting a flood to invade your home and damage it, but don’t worry – we were prepared for it long before the storm ever arrived. Rather than fighting over necessary products with other flooded homeowners at local stores, you can rely on our company when disaster strikes. We have the drying equipment and replacement materials to get started on your home right away. Our restoration professionals will get the more involved components, such as carpet drying, started first so we can begin “setting back the clock” to pre-flood conditions as soon as our team arrives. When you call our company, we’re ready to handle the water flood damage so that you can focus on more important matters, such as your family or recovering damaged belongings. Your Safety Is Our Priority During flood damage restoration, covering up or ignoring problem areas can produce ongoing issues such as mold and mildew. While this may only present an unpleasant musty smell on the surface, it can cause issues ranging from allergy headaches to potentially harmful illnesses from mold inhalation. When you call Southern Home Builders to repair your house after a flood, you can rest assured that our commitment to quality will keep your family safe, both today and many months later. Our dedicated crew will eradicate the sources of mold and mildew in the process of removing every aspect of the flood from your home. We know that a truly restored home doesn’t just look good, it’s also safe to live in and enjoy. We Know Your Area All restoration companies are not created equal, especially when it comes to location. The weather, ground conditions and climate in Georgia present a series of challenges that out-of-state teams may be unfamiliar with. We live and work in Georgia; that familiarity allows us to construct a solid timeline for restoration projects that prioritizes issues that could grow worse in Georgia’s warm climate. Relying on a company that isn’t prepared for balmy weather or location-based concerns could leave you with a sub-par repair, so don’t risk the well-being of your family and home: trust our company to help. We know what to expect, inside your walls and outside of them too. We’re More Than Restoration Southern Home Builders also offers new home building and remodeling services – a diversified family of services that translate to superior results. Our understanding of new home construction means that we approach each restoration job as a renewal, not a “cover up.” These services also give you considerably more flexibility when deciding what to do after a flood; while we excel at flood damage eradication and repair, we are also able to turn a bad situation into a great opportunity by remodeling an affected home during the water flood damage cleanup process. If you’d like to know what your options are for improving your home beyond post-flood restoration, talk to one of our representatives about your vision and particular requirements. Nothing Less Than Perfection “Good enough” simply isn’t...

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Choosing The Right Home Builder For Your Dream Home

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A home is so much more than a foundation, walls and roof, and when you are thinking about building your dream home, everything should be just as you dreamed. Finding a custom home builder for your needs can be an extremely difficult challenge, but when you do find the right custom home builder, you know that all of your expectations will be met or exceeded. A great builder should be experienced, quality focused, budget aware, attentive to your needs and desires, communicative as to their plans and ideas for your house, and have a personality that works with you. These things make working with your builder or contractor that much easier since you know that they are listening to you and taking your thoughts into consideration and that they will strive to make your vision, your home. Experience has a lot to do with finding a great custom home builder because a good builder is not good enough when it comes to your dreams and vision. You want to build a house that is warm, inviting, and beautiful, where every room makes you want to spend the rest of your life there. Maybe you need a chef’s kitchen, or a luxury spa in your master suite where you can unwind after a long day at work. Maybe you work from home and need a secluded spot where you can work without interruption, or a home gym to take out the stresses of the day. Whatever your needs are, you  require a builder who listens to these needs and has the ability to turns them from ideas into a beautiful and cohesive home. Finding someone who has been in the building business for a minimum of 5 years and that has an extensive portfolio of completed homes to your liking will help ensure a positive experience and outcome. The first step to building your home is figuring out your budget for building. Without a budget, you run the risk of spending more than you have, and when it comes to a dream home, dreams can become expensive! It might sound limiting, but figuring out a strict budget will not only help you stay within your means, but also help you find the perfect builder who is not going to try to push you beyond what you can afford. Now that your allowances are figured out, you can sit down with your custom home builder and go over what exactly will fit into your budget. An excellent, dedicated builder will do everything that they can to make all of your ideas fit into your budget. One thing that takes a lot of frustration to figure out for some people is that of trusting your builder. No matter what your budget is, the likelihood of all of your dreams fitting into your house are probably unlikely. This is where an experienced builder will be able to help prioritize and fit as many of your  ideas into a cohesive house that flows from room to room and is perfect for your needs. Letting someone else handle your dreams and ideas is a huge step in trust, but one thing you can constantly remind yourself when you are working with a custom home builders is that they are professionals and they rely on doing a job that exceeds your expectations to continue doing what they love. Quality and award winning value go a long way in selecting a dream house builder, take the time to research and find the best one. After you have worked with your potential custom home builders to figure out what fits in...

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5 Things You Need To Watch Out For With Custom Home Contractors

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Contemplating putting together your dream home? It is a sizable investment for any home owner and requires patience and requisite research before signing off with a contractor. Many home owners are perplexed by the wide array of options available, but you should come equipped with principal requirements. Custom home contractors should be able to provide a professional, quality finish for their clients. For prospective clients, there are five, essential things you should look out for when trying to find a custom home contractor. Expertise Building a custom home requires thorough knowledge of constructing a home and all related information. This is not a simple task and should never be taken nonchalantly by either party. This is where years of experience in the field can become advantageous as the chances of hiccups are condensed. Do you wish to be the ‘guinea pig’ for a new, inexperienced custom home contractor? There are many places one can try going for inexperienced options, but not when it comes to building a custom home. You want to go with the safe, proven method for crafting your dream house. Do not make the mistake of going to an inexperienced contractor as the chances of making errors increase. What does expertise make available for clients? It ensures tremendous high-quality recommendations are made throughout the process. The team of experts will know precisely what is required to construct a beautiful house. It begins with the planning process and culminates with the construction. Clients should not have to worry about minor details that are a given in these tasks. It can become a headache and the chances of not getting what you desired tend to increase. It is better to go with the safer hand and pick a custom home contractor with years of valid experience. With experience, the contractor is able to pinpoint the main points of concern right off the bat. This ensures the focus is going where it should be. Testimonials It might seem superfluous to read through testimonials, but in this case it becomes essential. Testimonials can be a great insight for clients attempting to gauge the value of their custom home contractor. Were they courteous with their clients? Were there challenges along the way that could have been better managed? All of these little details can only be found through testimonials from previous clients. Website Yes, having an online presence has become essential. The chances of getting a modernistic, valuable custom home made from a company that does not have a website are slim to none. Why? The answer lies in the fact a custom home contractor without a website is not putting in enough time. The first impression of a business has to be made from its online presence. Will the custom home contractor be able to provide any semblance of quality, if they are not focused on running a good business? The chances are quite little and this is not a risk anyone should be willing to take. Sales Staff Most of your first contact will be made with the sales staff. These are the professionals who are responsible to paint a picture of how the service will be provided. All of the minor and major details are pointed out through them. If the sales staff does not understand the minor details or are being unprofessional, it is time to move onto another custom home contractor. The chances of having a rough experience down the road can often be seen through the staff on hand. If they are not courteous, the chances of the team being friendly are quite slim. Upscale...

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What You Need To Know Before You Call A Water Damage Company In Atlanta, GA

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When it comes to hiring a water damage company, Atlanta residents like yourself have dozens of options. So how do you know which company to choose?  Before hiring someone to take care of water damage, it’s important to do your homework in order to ensure you get exactly the type of service you need. Reputation The first thing you should do is find out as much as you can about a company’s reputation. You should know how long the company has been in business, as well as the names of some recent customers that you can call for a reference. Check with online review sites and the Better Business Bureau to see what others are saying about the company. Look at their website to see if it is well put together and presents a professional appearance, as this will give you a good idea as to how much attention to detail workers here might give. Experience The ideal company will be able to take care of any type of water damage whether it results from busted pipes, flooding or fire. Try to find out how long a particular company has been performing this type of restoration in order to get an idea of how experienced they are. Ask how many customers they have served and what some of their biggest restoration projects have been. Find out whether they handle all types of water damage or only certain ones, and ask if mold removal is also included in the services they offer. Many times, water damage is covered by insurance. If you plan on making a claim, look for a water damage company in Atlanta with experience handling insurance claims so that you’ll be able to obtain help with filing or dealing with an adjuster should the need arise. Licensed and Insured A reputable water damage company will have at least a general contractor’s license issued by the state of Georgia. You can verify this license by contacting the Georgia Board of General and Residential Contractors. It can also be helpful to ask for proof of insurance before allowing workers to come onto your property. A company should have at least general liability insurance that would cover any damage done to your property along with worker’s compensation insurance to cover employees who are injured in the course of their duties. Those that are properly insured will have a certificate of insurance similar to the one you are required to carry in your vehicle. You can typically verify coverage by calling the insurance carrier as well. Prompt Response and Emergency Service Water damage can sometimes occur at inconvenient times, which is why you should look for a company that provides emergency service. The longer you wait to clean up an area, the greater the damage is likely to be; the risk of mold developing is also much higher. Avoid companies that do not provide emergency service if you find yourself with water damage at night or on the weekend, as even more damage could be done if you are forced to wait. Comparing Estimates It’s important to get estimates from at least three different companies in order to ensure you are getting a fair price. Simply comparing the bottom line isn’t enough, as you should make sure each one quotes you an estimate on roughly the same services. For example, some companies will haul rubbish away, while others will charge extra for doing this. Know exactly what each job entails and what kind of price difference you can expect if additional damage is discovered after work begins. Timeline In addition to...

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Water Damage And Steps For Restoration In Atlanta GA

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Water damage to a home can cause a huge loss of money, property and time. Whether it’s from a hurricane or a broken water pipe, a flood from heavy rains, or sewer backup, water damage can be a major hassle. In fact, excess water and moisture damages not just your property, but also sets up just the right environment for mold to grow. Mold and mildew eats away wood and drywall as well as creates spores that can be damaging to the lungs and immune systems of human beings. That’s why it’s so important to include drying and ventilating your Atlanta home in the restoration process after a flood. With help from a specialized water restoration company in Atlanta, you can have professional assess the situation honestly and at your convenience to give you an estimate of what needs to be accurately restored to its original condition. You will be saving yourself both time and money, as dealing with the restoration process on your own can easily create more problems and cost you more money in the long run. That’s because a sump pump by itself costs hundreds of dollars, not to mention all the other tools you will need just to dry the place out and clean up the mess. The first step to restoring your home after water damage is to contact your insurance company. Any contractor you have contacted to talk about what to do for restoring will ask you about your insurance and help you fill out a claim. Let the contractor help you determine just exactly what is covered, what your deductible is, and from there arrange for payment options after insurance coverage. There are different categories of damage that can occur from water. Category one damage is from fresh water due to torrential rains or a broken water pipe or line. This is the least damaging as the water has less microorganisms and bacteria developed since it has not been sitting for over a day or so. In this case, all water is removed from flooring, furniture, carpets and other items and transported to an area off-site. A special disinfectant is applied to surfaces where the water damaged occurred to prevent growth of bacteria and microbes. Category two damage can be from something like a back up of a dishwasher or washing machine, or perhaps torrential rains flooded gutters and seeped through the bottom of doors or windows. This is called gray water damage and can hold more microorganisms and bacteria than category one damage. Extra care and attention is needed for removing the water and disinfecting the damaged area. Category three damage is the worst for bacteria and microbes that can cause disease. Category three is caused by raw sewage back up or a main line back up in the basement and left sitting for more than two days. Thus, water removal is not enough. In this case, anything in contact with category three water needs to be removed and replaced. This includes drywall that needs to be cut out around all contaminated areas, carpeting and flooring removed and discarded. All these items need to be inventoried by both the homeowner and insurance. A professional who knows about restoration in Atlanta uses specialized equipment used to detect moisture. This will help make it certain that all contaminated areas are treated. Your Atlanta restoration contractor will help you take pictures to assure there is proper inventory and proof of damage for your insurance claim. Next comes drying water damaged areas. After extracting the water, areas affected need to be dried out, which involves particular...

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